Things that start with "v"

Saturday, I met my friend Suzanne at the U Village for some vigorous shopping (the kind that requires drop-off trips to the car). Suzanne and I were on the same team years back and get together now and then to catch up on life (she's got a great family).

Sunday was almost as exciting but in a much different way. First, I got my new leather couch delivered (it was on sale!). Then I went to the dump (they call it the transit station because you dump your stuff and then they transit it) and it was actually really cool. I know, it sounds weird, but as much as I try not to produce too much trash (total recycler/reuser here) I had wondered where it went and now I know in some detail. You drive into a building with a big hole in the ground that empties into a semi trailer and there's a tractor thing there too.  You unload the stuff (in my case, my old kitchen cabinets) into the hole. Did I mention I was a tomboy as a child? I went home and gave myself a manicure to offset the days activities with some girliness. Yin/yang.

Life was feeling pretty good this AM after a great night's sleep (in bed by 9PM...sweet!). I set my coffee maker, blew my nose and felt extreme pain shoot through my neck and back. Ouch! Well, that wasn't the exact word that went through my head but same general sentiment. I ended up going ot the local urgent care office (they got me in and out surprisingly quickly) and learned that if you pick up a heavy couch and it doesn't hurt right away, it doens't mean that you didn't jack up your neck and the blowing of the nose may make you incredibly aware of what you did. Fortunately, as I had wished, I don't need to adopt any new fashions of the spongy neck brace variety. It's not weird to think of the fashion at a time like this...I think about it all of the time.  I do have the opportunity to become friends with some medications that start with "v" (no charge for Microsoft insured). I need to present some slides on my business tomorrow, so I am waiting to take those pills until after I have logged off for the day. In the meantime, I'm just taking some ibuprofen horsepills and doing everything I can not to look to the left.

Comments (3)

  1. Lauren Smith says:

    Sorry to hear about your neck. I’m sending you some good vibes from my temporary location in Bellevue. I hope everything feels better in a couple days.

  2. patblue says:

    I did this once, after a very aggressive day of gardening.  The next morning I jumped in the shower, jumped out, was drying my hair (guy style), whipping the towel back and forth on my head and felt a tinzy tiny ‘snap’ in my neck and then a pain that can only be descriped with a reference to the movie Marathon Man and teeth drilling tools.  Enjoy the ‘v’.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:


    patblue- yeah, that is the snap and the pain. Crazy. Everything is normal and then it happens. The drugs do help but are spacey feeling. DOn’t plan on taking them long but they are most necessary right now.

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