Seattle’s Most Fashionable Man is, Unexpectedly, a Microsoft Employee

Jasmine Park, a Program Manager at Microsoft, has a cool fashion blog. She's also friends with Seattle's most fashionable man...or maybe that should be Most Fashionable Man, Gopi.

I have to concur; Gopi is one stylish man. And to those of us accustomed to flip-flops and college t-shirts, it's refreshing indeed!


(Photo from Jasmine's Blog)

Do you think Jasmine and Gopi would go shopping with me?

Comments (3)

  1. Gautam Ghosh says:


    Not everyone can carry off formal clothes so casually, and also a shaved head

    Congrats to Gopi ! So will MS now put him on recruiting videos? 😉

  2. upton says:

    I hate to say it but I could beat any of these guys just by being good looking. I could come out on stage wearing only a soiled pair of crocs and win. And when I say win I mean WIN. These guys are not good looking.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Gutam – our recruiting videos should probably reflect more of the norm. I would consider Gopi’s senseof style exceptional 🙂

    Upton – in my experience, that’s hard to believe from an anonymous commenter. The good looking ones have blogs 🙂 And also, crocs?  It’s a fashion crime to use the words "crocs" and "good looking" in a sentense. Try again buddy 🙂

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