Windows Vista Hologram Mystery Solved

Recently, corners of the interwebs were abuzz with conspiracy theories about a teeny-tiny photo image in the Windows Vista hologram. Nick White gives us an explanation on the Vista team blog; one the does not involve someone being walked out by security.

Like Todd, I would also like to know who those three guys are; just out of curiosity. It just goes to show that if the product dev guys like you, they can make you a star. A teeny-tiny little star.

Conspiracy theory #2: was there a buzz marketing strategy around the image? Man, I am such a skeptic, but I swear someone in marketing had to know about this and really care whether it was noticed. I'm not so naive that I could think that marketing was unaware and with social media, the lines between "marketing" and conversations are blurring. Or maybe I just think we are smart like that.

(tip: Todd Bishop)

Comments (1)

  1. Tim says:

    Could be either. I remember getting an album (a record, LP, 33 1/3 rpm) when I was a teen that had the words "Is anyone out there?" scribbled by someone obviously very bored at the factory. Everyone wants to be famous, right?

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