"Is it a real troll or a fake one?"

Yesterday was my first day on a "video shoot". I feel cool saying that. Did I mention I was on a "video shoot"? With a producer? And a boom mic? I was "the Client". I'm capitalizing that because I can. It was realy fun and we were very fortunate to have some amazing weather since we basically spent the day outside, checking out some Seattle hot spots (did I just say "hot spots?"....OK, kind of undoes the "video shoot" coolness....sorry).

I'm working with a really unusual marketing company (caution: link has sound); the kind where you imagine people loving their jobs and laughing all day long; you know, where they get paid to be cool and funny on behalf of other people. They even blog (though I was forced to point out that since they started blogging after they met me, they are a bunch of followers). I'm also going to point out that I didn't make you click on that link and they are a bunch of "creative types" (do the finger quotes with me) so if you don't like what you see there, it's your fault for clicking on the link. You were warned. Howz that for sharing a little link love, corporate caveat style? Link love...it's the safest kind of love.

So anyway, when it comes to the whole funny/cool equation (hey, we are a technology company.....we can turn whatever you want into en equation...notice that funny is divided by cool...it probably should be addition) can I just say that I needed that kind of help? Personally, I do much better with funny than cool, but it's a specific kind of funny that I specialize in and it's rarely "haha funny" if you know what I mean. They deal a little bit in sarcasm too so that we have in common (how come nobody ever refers to it as "haha sarcasm"? Sarcasm rules. Damn, that would have been a good name for my blog). Anyway, aside from really enjoying spending time with them (on this "video shoot"...check me out), I really trust them on this project. That is hard for me; trust. But this kind of thing wasn't something I could do myself. And if I can trust anyone, it's these guys. Well, at least these guys. I hope they are reading this and making sure my project is their top priority (right Ian? Jamie? Poppy?). Seriously, love it like a child...take it to camp and let it karate chop you without getting mad.

One of the benefits of this shoot was that we did get to go to a lot of intersting places that really represent the Seattle area. My friends at Wexley know a lot more about Seattle than I do. I admit that I have not fully explored the area (I know! After 8 years here! This is what happens when your house is a fixer-upper). I did have some small influence because we did part of the shoot at Victor's Coffee. Yeah, that part was my idea. Man, I love that place.

So I thought that while we visited some of these places, I'd take some pics with my phone camera. I'll show you guys the finished product of course, but it won't have me in it. And I wanted some documentation that I'm a little more up-to-speed on some of the fun stuff that other people do in the area.

My first photos at Gasworks Park didn't come out. Well, they didn't even show up on my phone. I'm not blaming anyone in particular but let's just say that since I was IN the shot, it wasn't me. I was suprised to find out that there were actually some gas works. As in the noun, not the verb because none of that stuff looked like it had worked in a really long time. I'm still not really sure what it is. OK, it says it was a refinery, but I'm still not really sure what that's all about. I squeaked through sophomore year science class and was thrilled to learn, in college, that physical geograophy and geronotology would fulfill my science requirement (for my business degree....how useful!) and I'd never have to peer into a beaker with fear of some particulate forming ever again.

Here's the photo gallery from someone definitely NOT using a phone camera. These photos could have been taken yesterday. We got the full treatment with sunny, clear view of the skyline and kite flyers on the hill. Oh yeah, and park bathrooms (bring your own hand washing equipment). Anyway, I have no photographic evidence of being there but I was and it looked just like these pictures only with me there too, smiling and turning my body at a 30 degree angle to the camera.

Then we went to the Fremont Troll. So when the Wexleyans told me about this I said one of the stupider things I have ever said (well, probably): "Is it a real troll or a fake one?". What I meant was is there something physically there or is it mythical? And as surprised as any local readers might be that I have lived here for 8 years and didn't know about the troll, I can just tell you that trolls are not a subject that come up in conversation very often. And no I haven't seen Lord of the Rings either, nor have I done anything else involving trolls, besides blogging, until now.

Wexleyan Bryan is responsible for bringing on the funny and that's him with me in the photo doing just that. What you can't see in the photo is that the troll is holding a VW Beetle in his hand. I've been told it's a "real one" too.

Next stop was Ivar's. I know this is like a Seattle insitution but I don't really do fast food, as my regular readers know. So I admit it...I had never eaten there...until yesterday. Eating a 4 piece basket of cajun fish and chips was a creative exercise, yeah, that's it. It's "authentic". Plus, I think that tartar sauce and malt vinegar make the world a better place. While I am not going to give you a picture of me in my culinary exercise of authenticity, I'll give you a shot of the sign like this:

It was really good and being on the waterfront, watching boats go by, definitely made it feel all Seattle.

We also headed over to Safeco field. Although I have been there quite a number of times (last weekend, for example), I had never done the tourist thing with the picture with the mitt. But I was in the mood for a little cheesiness so here goes:



We also spent some more time down on the water front. And I can be sure to share the finished product, which I promise you will be much better than some blurry pictures with my phone camera (I'm kind of a point and click person and I clearly should have read some instruction on how to get some good shots with that phone).

We had some great particpation from some Microsoft actors (we have an improv group and a theatre troupe) plus a hired actor that I will admit inspires a junior high school crush reaction. It couldn't have been just me. Is it OK for me to say that? He was super personable and just the right combination of "could work at Microsoft" and "I would totally hang out with him" (which are not mutually exclusive categories, of course....I'd like to think that you would want to hang out with me too). Well, you'll see.

So yesterday was a great day for me because I got to do a bunch of things I had never done before: a video shoot and some truly Seattle activities. I will admit that there are days when I can't believe I get paid to do this stuff and this was one of them.


Comments (4)

  1. RJD says:

    1) Holy purse!  How much of Seattle fits in that bag?

    2) Such practical tourist shoes!

    3) Easy with the smile.  It’s evidently distorting the focus and messing up the light sensor.

    4) After he gave the troll a wet-willy, did you shake hands?  I need Purell just thinking about that!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jeez, Dudley…are you trying to give me a complex? You don’t like my bag, my shoes and my smile…anything else? My bag is a tote, not a purse. It’s intended to hold a lot of stuff. My shoes are ballet flats. They are in style and I have several pair and they are exactly apporopriate for standing around on a shoot all day. I could have worn my Chuck Taylors but I didn’t feel like wearing socks. Is that OK with you?! 🙂

  3. RJD says:

    Actually, love the smile, am amused by the tote, and expect you to traipse arounce Pike Place Market en pointe if you’re going to wear ballet slippers simply for the style.  With photos.

  4. sierrah says:

    this was a good selection to read.

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