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I wanted to update all 3 of you who care on the progress of my kitchen remodel as well as share with you the fact that I have entered into some extreme, insane nesting ritual that might require someone to pluck me off the street, into a van, and shuffle me off to be deprogrammed somewhere. I'm sure that Dr. Phil would say that it's gotten out of control and "how's that working for you?" and actually, my house is getting cuter by the project and if the projects didn't exist I would invent them. So it's working fine, thankyouverymuch.

So first, the kitchen, which I was waiting to show until it was perfect (armchair psychologist, anyone?), then realized that I am NEVER going to think it's perfect (but I don't want to think about painting the ceiling right now..who looks there anyway?). You can see the before photos here, in my other post about my abnormal nesting rituals.

Quite a difference, right? I am *almost* done with the kitchen. But of course, one project leads to many others for me. As I was doing the kitchen, I was thinking about the fact that you could see the kitchen and the living room at the same time from the hall, so I wanted to make sure there was some color consistency (which is how I ended up with different shades of blue in the kitchen). It also gave me a good excuse to use this little Polish lady that my aunt gave me. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I liked the idea of having a little piece of each side of my family in there. Dad's side is represented by the chicken cookie jar which he had as a kid. No, there aren't cookies in there.

Here's the little Polish lady in case anyone knows what you use her for. And yeah. I know salt is bad for you but I love it and I have low blood pressure.


Ordering window treatments for the kitchen this weekend wasn't enough for me so I decided to undertake a project that I had been thinking about for a long time but that most people would space out over the course of a couple weekends, but I just wanted to get over with. Given that I had worked out the color thing in the front of the house, I needed to address some of the crazy colors I had going on in the back end of the house (I say as if my house is so large).

I'm sure that the owners of other fixer-uppers will know what I am talking about when I say that there's some satisfaction in turning a scary room into a great room, but that you usually have to take the rooms one at a time. Otherwise, it seems like it takes for ever to make a significant impact. One challenge with that approach, especially for someone like me, that is not afraid of color, is that your design choices can end up looking a little schizophrenic. The concept of a "color palette" was so totally foreign to me and I thought that if I wanted to paint my office red, I was going to. Then fast forward 6 years and walking through my house with colors that should never exist in close proximity and it makes the furious nester a little annoyed. So this weekend, I decided to get my house on the same palette, which basically meant painting 2 bedrooms (well, technically, I use one for my home office) and the hallway. I went to Home Depot (who gets a good chunk of my paycheck regularly) and bought my 2 shades: one a lighter version of my kitchen color, one a darker version of my living room color).

Like I said, any normal person would have spaced this out and gone out to enjoy Cinco de Mayo, but not me. I am the queen of getting it over with and so I did. I even employed such design concepts as painting the room at the end of the hall the same color as the hall to make the hallway look longer. Crazy.I did little else this weekend. But here are the results:


Hmm, they look a lot better in person. Last night it was great to wash all the paint off and go to sleep in my totally unaccessorized bedroom that still smelled all painty (I like it), thinking about the new stuff I could buy to make it look funky (I'm accessorizing in turquoise). I'm not convinced that many of you care about all of this stuff but I had enough people (some who share my DNA) asking about the home projects that it was easier to do something here than to try to send the photos. And maybe some of you can relate to the home project madness (did I tell you I have someone coming to give me an estimate on replacing windows this morning?).

I also may have posted this because right now I am loving my blue colors (just like Picasso).

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  1. szurgot says:

    My wife and I went through that last year. (Remodel madness) The windows took a day, the roof two, the kitchen a week, and the new shower took a day, then was out of commission for over 2 months because it was leaking through to the dining room below, and they needed to redo the basin.

    Still, it’s nice now that it’s done. Now, it’s time to repaint other rooms in the house. <grin>

  2. Lauren Smith says:

    Looks like you are a little short of leg room at your desk.

    Summer is rapidly approaching here in Tokyo, and I’m getting more envious of your wine cellar by the minute.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    your kitchen only took a week? Wow, mine was at least a month and the residual projects seem to be ongoing.

    The bathroom (and I say THE because I have only one….) is in my sights as a near future project. I just had to tackle the windows first because summer is coming and someone thought it was a good idea to put a picture window inthe hottest room in the house.

  4. tod hilton says:

    The kitchen looks great!  Well done.  I’m debating throwing up a dark color in my bedroom too, but am not quite sold yet. Time will tell.

    Are you watching a lot of Be Jane on MSN for inspiration? 😉

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Nope, haven’t seen that show. I read magazines and pull inspiration pictures. The inspiration for my bedroom was actually ap icture of a kitchen from a magazine.

  6. Tim says:

    Wow, are those matching wine glasses and tumblers? Dang. Count me impressed. BTW, you can tell how little it takes to impress me. Congrats on the remodel!

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh, Tim, you’ll be doubly impressed to know that those are Riedel O wine glasses (though I can see how one might think they are tumblers) and all the stemware is Lenox, but I got them at the outlet at a significant discount. Decoratig on the cheap is a talent….I don’t have many talents, but that’s one of the few I am sure of.

  8. Wine-Oh says:

    Wow thats a major transformation. Im sure you added major value to your house by updating the kitchen. I am a relatively new apt owner and it took a month for my apt to be repainted and such. The previous owner (aka psycho from he**) had this awful stucco finish on alot of the walls that made it look like the inside of a taco bell. Because I can see things done I wasnt bothered by it and knew it would cost a few bucks to have the walls done. Hence the month.

    The majority of my apt is 1 color on the walls and then a lighter color on the trim. The kitchen and bedroom are each another color.  By using a lighter version of the same color, makes the room look bigger. Came out great. Now I just need some furniture.

    Dont know how they do it on those home repair shows.

    Oh and my last tip: If your company has perks or deals with stores by all means take advantage of the discounts. I saved some money ordering this way from places like Restoration Hardware, bed Bath & beyond, Home depot to name a few. Usually these things are found on a company’s intranet.

  9. mrscrooge says:

    Hey looks really good! I dig that shade of blue. I don’t know how any of you have the time/energy to do it (ie home remodeling) so its always impressive to hear about it from friends!! I barely have time to do laundry…

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh, good recommendations. I can’t get over the Taco Bell walls. It seems that everyone gets a little surprise or 2 when they move into a new place.

    mrscrooge – it’s all about the weekend! I treat it like ajob and don’t stop until I finish. Sick, I know.

  11. Russ says:

    Heather- Kitchen looks very nice.  Regarding the Polish Lady.  My wife and I have been to the factories in Poland a couple times (Boleslawiec) and loaded our (then) 1980’s Mercedes trunk with pottery that now fills a couple cabinets in our kitchen.  My guess would be if the top rests on a saucer it could be used for butter or something that might be left on the table with salt and peper.  They had all kinds of unique pieces… I have espresso cups without handles and saw little stands for hard boiled eggs.  Interesting stuff!  I think Williams Sonoma imported items at one time as well.  So go out and complete that collection;)  Although a trip to Poland may be more fun!

    Okay I’m off to apply for a position on the Antique Roadshow 🙂

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