Pink Love and Music

Over on Pink is The New Blog (oh, I read it, I admit it), Trent is giving away a new pink Zune.  It's pretty. I'm sure I can't play, but you can. If you win it, I want to know if it smells like strawberries.


Comments (3)

  1. mrscrooge says:

    Hey Hamilton, are you going to get one? First time I saw the pink zune was at the gym – guess it was someone from the zune team, I was like "Hey nice pink zune!". Good to see this and the xbox elite, pretty nice ideas.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    mrscrooge – It’s pretty but pink isn’t my color. I’m sure I’ll get a Zune someday, but some of my home improvement projects are higher on the priority list. Right now I am replacing windows.

    I suppose I should give up hoping that someone from the Zune team reads/likes by blog and will send me one. Unfortunately, my team isn’t "client facing", meaning that we are invisible to the business teams that hire our candidates. So that puts us in the perfect position to be overlooked when the schwag bag gets opened. There are some huge benefits of working on my team (great senior leadership, great team environment, job content, ability to work from anywhere), but trust me, it ain’t the giveaways. I’m a little relieved to not get so many t-shirts anymore (not my thing), but we don’t get the other stuff either. I’m not complaining. I still think I have one of the best jobs at Microsoft.

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