In an effort to explain the name of my blog

I tried to explain the name of my blog recently and failed miserably at conveying the humor.

I should have said "most blogs play on ten, mine's one louder". I guess my stand up career is over.

And I also can't explain why I think this is hilarious yet Napoleon Dynamite? Not so much. I'm pretty sure it was a moment in time thing.

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  1. Ben says:

    "These go to eleven."  LMAO.  One of my favorite movie scenes ever!  NOW I get it 🙂

  2. szurgot says:

    You could’ve said "goes to 11" It always amazes me how some things become a part of pop culture long after the move itselft fades from general consciousness.

  3. Russ says:

    Spinal Tap – they were actually poking fun at guitarist Jeff Beck ( multiple grammy award winner ), all the way down to the hairstyle.  Jeff saw the humor.

    I play guitar, a Marshall Plexi amp like he is pointing to is ear damaging loud at 10, it will make your pant legs blow in the wind from the speakers.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Just listen to the sustain

    What? You can’t hear it?

  5. RJD says:

    Maybe we could hear it if you recorded it in doubly.  Everything’s better when you record it in doubly.

    If I remember correctly, HLH liked "One Louder" not only for the Spinal Tap joke, but also because her blog makes the blogosphere one voice louder.  A double entendre.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, yeah, and because you can’t dust for vomit.

    OK, now I need to stop.

  7. deb says:

    when this came across my reader, the video wasn’t there.  and all i could think of was spinal tap!

    tell me, was the person you were trying to explain this to very very young?  because maybe something got lost in the translation there, surely.


    i love the spinal tap reference.

    what a great movie.

    i’m gonna have to go over to netflix now.

    all the best!


  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    No, not very, very young, but younger than me. I sounded ridiculous trying to explain it. It’s like trying to describe the mona lisa (or Stonehenge…haha). Something gets lost in the translation.

    As for my own comedic skills, I’m more spontaneous funny than funny in my delivery. I shouldn’t try to explain such a masterpiece as Spinal Tap.

  9. Greg says:

    " I got a fever! and the only perscription is more cowbell!"

    Another great Rock parody! : )

  10. Kevin says:

    How young is "very young", deb? I’m nearly 30 (sob!) and I only just got the reference when it was explained. If you’d told me "one louder" is named after "most blogs go to ten, this one is one louder" I’d probably have been able to tell you it was from a film, and was related to some sort of amp thing. But not which film…

    On the other hand, maybe I’m just unobservant. I’ve never wondered where the name came from either…


  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    Greg – doesn’t even compare!

    Kevin – not 30 yet, huh? Perhaps you fall into the "young but not very young" category. The film came out in the 80s (84 I think). So if I have to guess, Deb would be referring to anyone that wouldn’t have been mature enough to understand the film in the 80s. I believe I was a sophomore in high school when I saw it.

  12. Greg says:

    I agree Spinal Tap is in a class all by it’self! : )  The clip you showed is my favorite scene.. a classic!

    I think the cowbell bit is funny though! : )

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, OK, the cowbell is funny. Just not AS funny.

  14. vicki70 says:

    Cowbell is good. It’s funny. It’s classic.

    Napoleon Dynamite – please don’t dis my man! 😉

    Spinal Tap….hmmmm… I’m not feelin’ the mullets, friends….

    I’m an 80’s girl myself and can appreciate the humor -but the Camaro mullet is no one’s friend.

    Thanks for the vehicle to explain the enigma, HH! Hope all’s well with you in Microsoftland!



  15. deb says:

    well heather, you and i are about the same age.  so to mr. almost-30, you’re young.  maybe not very, very.  but still young.  (in my world, anyone younger than my baby brother, who is in his 30s is very very young.  ha)

    and i dunno.  the cowbell bit is really funny.  it’s a toss-up.

    all the best!


  16. Bad_Brad says:

    But these amps go to eleven …

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