Even less like my headshot

Man, I need to get a new picture on my blog...even I don't think I look like the same person as that brunette up there (I tend to avoid cameras as a general rule which is why this is somewhat of a revelation). That's my friend and co-worker Julie, who may or may not appreciate having her picture on my blog. We were at a conference in San Diego last week. I look tired.

Comments (11)

  1. Tim says:

    You look ghostly pale, Heather. Wait, did you post the picture?

  2. Francesco Esposito says:

    lol, broken links, you must really not want to put a new picture up!

    (This comment will make no sense once she fixes it) 😛

  3. crawdad13 says:

    I don’t know if others have this problem, but neither picture shows up on my browser (IE)

  4. Kevin says:

    Me either, in Firefox (since I upgraded to Vista, IE is unusable)…

    …and yet, the picture appears just fine on the RSS feed in Outlook 2007. Tired, but cute 🙂


  5. eR0CK says:

    @ crawdad … using FireFox I can see it just fine 🙂  With IE, however, I can’t see the pic.

    As for your picture, Heather, I like the current hair style and color!


  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tim – this is where you find out that not every Microsoft employee is technical at all. I probably wrote some funky html or something.

    Francesco, Darren – I’ll try to fix it (meaning I’m open to someone telling me how to fix it and then I’ll do what they say to do)

    Kev – thanks : ) Way too much time on airplanes lately.

    eRock – thanks! I couldn’t deal with being ponytail lady anymore.

  7. Andy says:

    OMFG! That red hair looks great on you. Even better than the brunette did and I never thought I’d see anything hotter than that. You have proved me wrong though. Red head Heather is definitely One Louder in the beauty department than the already stunning brunette Heather was.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Aww, Andy…you such an ego booster! Thanks!

  9. Darren says:

    I downloaded firefox and now I don’t even see the broken link.

  10. Thanks for reminding me that I have to replace my Technorati profile pic with something a little less scary. Talk about ghostly pale! In contrast to me you look absolutely fabulous, if I’m allowed to say so, and I agree that the red hair suits you very well.

  11. You look beautiful as a redhead… I hope this look stays with you for a while.

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