I prefer that you predict the end of the world on a Monday, not a Friday

From Dave Lefkow.

Seriously, what happens when you show up for the interview looking nothing like the shiny 2-D you? It's kind of Max Headroom meets Match.com bait and switch tactics for job seekers. Should you even worry about the fact that you aren't as attractive as your avatar when it has nothing to do with the job (your attractiveness or the appearance of your avatars face complete with kind of creepy moving lips...sorry, I find the talking heads creepy)?

Just because the technology is there does not mean that you have to use it. Please do NOT send me resumes with talking cartoon heads expressing your interest in my company. Please.

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  1. eR0CK says:

    "Please do NOT send me resumes with talking cartoon heads expressing your interest in my company. Please."

    Excellent Friday laugh!

  2. Andy says:

    That is kind of creepy. Makes you wonder if they want to send you a wink or if they want to apply for a job.

    It just oozes "this slimy e-dating freak is interested in you. Do you wish to return his wink or ignore?"

  3. Tim says:

    Did you really invoke the name of Max Headroom? I hope I’m not the only one who got the reference.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    eRock – glad you enjoyed that. You know someone is going to do it though, just for laughs.

    Andy – seriously, right? There’s just something kind of off about it. Like "how you doin’?"

    Tim – I did. Dude, we are seriously old. Good thing we are both incredibly good looking…people won’t notice : )

  5. Patblue says:

    hmmm, well I guess I will quit spritzing my resume submissions w/ my favorite cologne then too…..

  6. Why on Earth would anyone think that that’s a good idea?! Totally blows my mind…

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Patblue – your windsong stays on my mind.

    Cornelius – I know. Scary!

  8. I have known Bob for years, and spoke with him about the avatar on his resume a couple of months ago.

    It’s more of a goof/experiment than anything else – definitely not a big part of his job search.

    Bob is a great marketing professional in the recruiting industry, did some great work in co-founding JobCircle.com, and I don’t want to see him become the next Aleksey Vayner because he had a little fun with his resume.

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh no, this pales in comparison to Aleksey! I actually thought he was the person that invented the avatar hosted resume and was just using his own to spotlight it….didn’t actually think it was an earnest job search, just an example. It is comforting to know he was just trying to have fun with it. But still, I don’t want to see this become a trend in drawing attention to ones resume. I trust your judgement on his background but I still think that the avatar has to go. But again, nothing even close to Aleksey….at all!

  10. I believe that Bob was using a service called Oddcast that lets anyone create an avatar – theirs is not a resume-specific service.

    I personally don’t see much of a future in avatars in general (witness my going off on my blog about Second Life today), but I don’t see it as a detriment to a resume – just not really helpful either.

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    I’ll read what you have to say about second life. I do see the avatar as a detriment to a resume, though. It’s distracting and unnerving and doesn’t come across as very serious. But others in staffing may have different opinions…I’m just representing mine : )

  12. Paul says:

    But what if your goal was to work for Second Life as sales director for resume avatars?

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Would that be a "real job" or a "second life job"? I don’t generally like gimicks on the resume.

  14. Paul says:

    Well, if you lack a real first life, you might need a fake second job.

    Of course, the real question is, how does the hiring manager react when your avatar shows up for the interview in its boxer shorts and with mayonnaise on its tie.

  15. HeatherLeigh says:

    You decline him for the fake job, of course.

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