Dynamics Platform Technical Evangelist

Want to help change the SMB software industry? Are you a big-picture thinker, interested in addressing both business and technology opportunities for line of business application developers? Do you get excited about the market opportunity to bring the latest platform innovations to the future of SCM, CRM or Financial Management line of business systems? Do you love helping software companies learn how to use the latest technologies to build a better experience for their customers? Are you a voracious learner, devouring new technologies and industry trends with an unabashedly geeky enthusiasm? Can you quickly digest your learnings into pragmatic, succinct suggestions that help decision makers meet their particular business objectives? If so, join our team to evangelize the Microsoft Dynamics platform as part of the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division.

As a Dynamics Technical Evangelist, you’ll help shape the technical developer evangelism strategy and messaging for the next generation of Dynamics technologies. You’ll participate in deep engagements with early adopters as they evaluate the platform and provide feedback. You’ll work with software vendors to identify, develop, and drive strategic engagements that demonstrate the business value of Microsoft’s Dynamics platform. You’ll energize the community with blogs, whitepapers and screencasts that build awareness and excitement. You’ll work with thought leaders around the company to demonstrate the new scenarios enabled by their next generation of technology, and the value they will bring to line of business application developers. And you’ll help drive industry-changing events such as PDC to educate and inform developers about Dynamics and related technologies.

You’ll be responsible for delivering:

· Early, high-impact customer wins that demonstrate the value of building on Dynamics

· Compelling demos, presentations, and case studies that prepare field evangelists to replicate your efforts

· Clear implementation guidance for top-of-mind scenarios

· Delivering critical feedback that helps product teams improve our platform

· Community engagement (e.g. blogs, webcasts, videos, events, newsletters) that build awareness and excitement

To be successful, you’ll need:

· Solid understanding of business processes in Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and/or Financial Management.

· Solid technical background and development experience in Web and/or Windows environments with a particular emphasis on line of business systems.

· Ability to quickly grasp strategic partner business objectives and to articulate an engagement plan that addresses these objectives.

· Deep analytical skills enabling comprehension and development of complex business and technical issues, topics and plans;

· Methodical approach with good organizational skills to manage multiple opportunities and projects concurrently.

· A blend of curiosity, creativity, persistence, commitment, passion and optimism;

· Knowledge of technology trends, industry participants and leaders;

· An infectious enthusiasm for new technology and the development community;

· Excellent listening, oral, written and presentation communication skills.


If you are interested, please contact Heather

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    I’ve obviously made my career (what there is of it) recruiting. Over the last 3 (or more?) years, I’ve

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