Tragically unhip. And you?

If you want to know the difference between New York hipsters and the rest of us: Nicholas Feltron is cooler than you.

It's OK, he's cooler than me too. But just for the record, I don't wear fleece. In case that was how you were picturing my lack of coolness. I like to wear my untrendy unhipsterism on the inside. I think I spent too much of my twenties worrying about my career.

via Stone.

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  1. Jim S says:

    I dunno. He seems to have had 3 Swimming Adventures this past year. How about yourself?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Zero swimming adventures here but I don't swim. See, now if I had any design skills, I might do something similar to let the world know how many whole wheat tortillas I have eaten, how many yoga pants I have purchased, how many times I've sworn at the TV and how many times I have rearranged the furniture. Yeah, I'm still uncool.

  3. Bad_Brad says:

    Yeah, well, see if you can top this hipster ... 37 layers of clothes.

  4. Mike W says:

    Heather, you wrote "I think I spent too much of my twenties worrying about my career."

    I think you meant "I think I'm spending too much of my twenties worrying about my career."

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Bad-Brad - Oh no...I used to live in Bucks county! Well just for a year. Let's see, that guy wouldn't have been born yet. That looks uncomfortable. Did you search "hipster"? Is that how you found that?

    Mike W - right, right. Still terribly worried about it as a current that everybody? A current twenty-something! : )

  6. When I see this, I don't think "tragically hip".  As it obviously took quite a bit of time, I think "way too much time on his hands".

    And, as a recruiter, I wonder whose time he did this on.  Based on his own report, he seems to have a vibrant social life.  Let's see, after vibrant social life and sleep, what time does that leave....

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    I was using the title of the post to describe myself, actually. He's a designer. There's probably a different social life afforded creative types. Plus, in NYC, it's easier to have that kind of social life. It would make me tired.

    Think about it this way; it's really expensive to rent in NYC. Assume his apartment is small (who knows...probably is). Maybe his social life is his way of not sitting in a cramped apartment. I'm not going to hate on his for the social life. It's a life I could probably only tolerate in small doses, but it seems to work for him. Different enironment, NYC. That kind of social life here would take too much work.

  8. Christine says:

    I'd hate to bother being hip like that!  Too much hassle for a very soft reward!  (but in terms of hip clothes--I'm expecting my first child in August so pretty much everything I wear is unhip at this point!)

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Christine - congratulations!!! I'm sure that shortly after birth, the baby will be conjugating some verbs or something! : ) As for the clothes, I've seen some pretty trendy maternity stuff (not that I have been looking...just have had some pregnant friends).

  10. Christine,

    Congratulations!  And, if you'll forgive a father of 3 on a Friday afternoon, I thought late-term maternity clothes were ALL hip...

    Have a nice weekend,


  11. Derek Bigelow says:

    I don't get it.  I would have to be really bored in order to come up with all of this data.  I'm talking Little House on the Prairie bored, or even desert island bored.

    Oh, and Heather, cool people don't make up fancy websites in order to explain or define their coolness, they just are.

    He's not cooler than me anyway, I don't listen to electronica.

  12. HeatherLeigh says:

    Derek, my take is that he's trying to highlight his design skills by presenting some moderately interesting trivia on his life. And I found it...moderately interesting the trivia) and very clever (the deisgn and the idea behind it). The thing is, he's building his personal brand. In his indistry and geographic location, the brand he's put out there probably works well for him.

    I don't like electronica either.

    I guess my most pressing question for him is how he kept track of all that stuff!

  13. Christine says:

    Dan and Heather--thanks!  I think maternity clothes are forgivably unhip.  🙂  (And Dan, I hope you always told your wife she was gorgeous and thin while she was preggers!)  Once I'm lugging around a diaper bag and such, I think I'll be officially outside the realm of urban hipster cool.  Luckily I never bothered buying a Mac so I won't be out any money...well, at least not on computers!

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    I've seen some pretty hip looking diaper bags out there. Not that I want one, but still : )

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