Taking deep breaths

Noooooo! Not MY Pete Carroll!

Please. No.

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  1. Jim S says:

    You have nothing to worry about. He’s good at coaching students (if you can call them that), not professionals. On top of that I imagine his setup at USC is too cushy.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    I think he gets $2m and change plus incentives. There are coaches who get more. And the people he coaches…they are called "student athletes" : )

  3. Duog says:

    Here is my concern. Radio pundits are speculating that Arizona AND Miami are ready to offer up some limited ownership for the right coach.

    However,  look at Saban’s contract at Bama.  SC has more money than a lot of small Europeon (yes, peon) countries and I seriously doubt Sir Mike will let Pete go anywhere for money.

    Pete is THE MAN in SoCal and has everything he wants.  He loves the fun of college football…

    He cannot do the goofy things he does at practice in the pro’s.

    He knows the NFL. The greatest threat is the possibility of Pete wanting to take one more shot at the bigs.

    Write Pete and remind him that he has the SoCal NFL franchise right now…

    Yours always, An SC fan by marriage.



  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, it’s the one more shot at the NFL thing. I believe him when he says that he isn’t leaving but then why the meeting with the Dolphins? It just scared me. Maybe he told them that he’s not leaving but theyh are welcome to try to get him. I’m no Pete Carroll, but that is kind of the attitude I have too. I am happy where I am and love my job but if someone wants to try to offer me something better, give it a shot. Hopefully that’s what my Pete is doing too.

  5. Jim S says:

    Duog, partial ownership? You must be high (you can’t even type your own name). They would never give a chunk of their teams to a coach the age of Carroll. Maybe if it were a young guy like a winning version of Tampa’s Chuckie they would STILL not consider it. Listening to radio sports guys is like putting your ear up to a horse’s rear.

    2 million bucks should keep him at his job. Hell, he can probably squeeze more out of them because of the Miami thing.

  6. Steve G says:

    Well it looks like you can breath again… But I’d doubt that Pete Carroll could come up with with a good reason to leave SC and So Cal.

    He’s got a great team (awfully tough for a UC Berkeley alum to admit), plenty of alumni and school support, no whacky owner to deal with, a nice stadium to play in (albeit the location is kind of a drag) and lives in a great area. There’s a down-side here?

    What’s really refreshing is that he does not seem to be swayed by "hey we’ll pay you more…" I wish more people were like that.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jim S – cheeky as usual : ) I hope they pay him more. I’m sure there’s some incentive pay. As an alumni, I’d contribute to a pay raise!

    Steve G – yeah, it was just that he let them fly down there (Costa Rica, I think I recall) to talk to him. I wish he would have said "don’t bother". Anyway, hands off NFL teams!

    I thought your Bears were going to give us a run for the money this year. Did you see my post about Lee Corso? I wouldn’t have argued with him until after we played Cal. All in all, a good season for you guys.

  8. Jim S says:

    My grammar and word flow suffer when I get worked up. Sigh.

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