There’s nothing like a fresh start

There's something about the beginning of new year feels like a fresh start (even though it's our fiscal midpoint). During a winter break, you do come back feeling pretty refreshed (well, kind of). It can also be a little hard to get your work motor humming again. So it's a good time to do that "step back and evaluate" thing. For me, that means a bit of office cleaning ritual and tearing into a new day planner. I know, you are disappointed that I don't have a higher tech approach. I like to write stuff down.

I will say that the power outage turned my time away from the office into something I hadn't intended (and I hardly made a chip in my list of holiday "to do"). Plus my incredibly gracious neighbor friends made sure I had plenty of good conversation to occupy my time. This all resulted in one positive thing: an almost complete disconnect from work (well, we won't count those few days I was sleeping in the office and checking e-mail). So coming back to "the office" (haha...eight steps from bed to office) was an adjustment. I feel new and shiny.

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  1. DCMT says:

    New Year’s resolutions?  Or shouldn’t I go there…?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    DCMT – I generally don’t do them. Just another opportunity to disappoint myself or procrastinate something I should have done long ago. Speaking of which…

    …I’m not sure that I would classify this as a resolution, but I am going to try to take more vacation time during the summer (which I find more enjoyable) so I don’t get stuck with it at the end of the year. So more something that is top-of-mind than a resolution.

    What about you DCMT? Anyone?

  3. joe blow says:

    Calling a resolution anything but a resolution? You are clearly in marketing 😉

  4. Avid_Supporter says:

    Same here.  The new year brings a new start.  I usually have 2 weeks or so off at the end of the year, so I get to relax, sleep in, take naps etc.   This year, I forced myself not to "go to" the office.  I work from home, so this was kinda difficult, but I succeeded. Not once did I check email!  I did take an opportunity to do some reorganizing/cleaning in the office, though.  So, I’m also getting a fresh start in that regard.  

    I’m like you, no high tech PDA for me.  I keep a small legal pad on my desk where I write down my daily tasks and check them off.  Each day gets a new page.  I use a white board for the ongoing, major TODOs.  

    RE: Resolutions.  Weight loss.  I gained way too much weight since my family’s summer vacation — almost 30 pounds.   After the vacation I got lazy with regards to my diet and the gym.  So, I’m reestablishing my weight loss and fitness goals and working towards those.  I know it’s cliche but in my case it was shocking that I had regained so much previously lost weight.  

  5. Tim says:

    I was dying to know how you kept track of things. I spend a month devising new solutions, then always head back to the spiral notebook. Much to the chagrin of my boss.

  6. Derek Bigelow says:

    Me too, I work way too much.  A spring or summer vacation is definitely in the works.  I’m thinking London.

    As for resolutions, I tend not to do them either, but this year I really want to volunteer somewhere.  I feel that my time could be more valuable to someone else besides me [or work].  I’ve been checking out the Pacific Science Center and a few others, anybody have suggestions?

  7. DCMT says:

    The vacation "resolution" is a good one.  I once worked for a guy who scheduled his vacation time at the beginning of the year and, come "he}} or high water" took those days, even if it meant missing "critical" meetings, shows, etc.  It sent a message that (1) family was equally as important as work and (2) nobody was indispensable.  

  8. Wine-Oh says:

    I resolve not to watch The Apprentice: LA. I’ve had enough of the donald. Anyone else with me?

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    jow blow – read more closely. I’m not in marketing : )

    Avid_Supporter – you can do it! I still have some fitness goals unmet, but those have been ongoing in my case! I took a circuit training class last night and the gym was absolutely packed! At first, I wanted to be annoyed but then I wanted to tell them "don’t give up!". Anyway, if you are that organized in your work life, I have no doubt that you are disciplined enough to get fit!

    Tim- yeah. I have tried other things. I like the idea of being paperless but there’s something about a pen and paper and crossing stuff off the list. I do use Outlook actively and my best organizing tool is Outlook folders (I’m all about the touch-it-once philosophy with e-mail…doesn’t always work). I’m a big list maker too.

    Derek – When I went to London, it was spring time (April 1999) and it was fantastic. There is a park near Buckingham Palace (?) that was filled with cherry blossoms.

    DCMT – that is a good message to send. At least for me, it’s the worry of missing something. Then I ask myself what is the worst thing that could happen and it’s rarely very bad.

    Wine-Oh, yeah, but I was thinking about watching. I just wish he had kept his mouth shut during the whole Rosie thing. If I watch, it’s not for him, but the format of the show. Man, I’d hate to have him come after me! The names he could call me!

  10. joe blow says:

    "Quasi-Marketer and Truth-Teller". Please don’t spin me, you little minx.

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    joe blow…you are one weird dude : ) Seriously, you missed the conversation but I am a Staffing Manager for marketing. I really have no marketing background. If someone relied on me for marketing expertise they would be in big trouble. Is it strange that I like the minx moniker? I’m not intentionally being playful (yes, I looked up minx in the dictionary), I’m really not in marketing.

    I can talk about marketing concepts just because I’ve had to interview many marketing people over the years but there’s a difference between talking about it and being able to actually do it. Trust me, if someone asked me to write a marketing plan for something, I’d be making some furious phone calls.

    The "quasi-marketer" thing is because people accused me of being a marketer (was that last year?) and I acquiesced (sp?) and accepted that I wa a "quasi" marketer, not a real one. I’m open to wording better than "quasi". I’m not really a "wanna be"….maybe more like an "accidental marketer", but definitely not an "actual" marketer.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  12. Wine-Oh says:

    I dunno Heather… I think he picked this fight with Rosie to bring attention to his show and increase ratings. Remember the show hasnt done well recently. He even took shots at Martha Stewart on the today show for her ill fated attempt at the show. I think hes a guy who can take responsiblitiy for his actions if they dont either make him money or put him in a negative light. So therefore my resolution to protest all things trump stands.

    PS this is after our company holiday party was held at a trump golf course and the hard liquor and water was of course trump brand. I nearly lost it. I couldnt even drink water without seeing him. Oh but they did have the cool chocolate fountain. That was a highlight.

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh, I don’t doubt that the show’s debut has something to do with all the fuss. That’s just his style. I am torn between my annoyance and the fact that several people have told me they miss the recaps.

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