Making it easy to say "yes"

Through my recent shopping expeditions and resulting rationalizations (to others, not myself), I hear myself saying things like “it would be WRONG not to buy it since it’s on sale” or “if you don’t buy it now, it may be gone when you decide you want it”. I said those things today. And that is…


Like math, vacations are hard

The psychological condition that precludes me from total vacation relaxation has not abated this year. In fact, I believe that I have created more projects for myself than I could accomplish. Granted, some of the projects may appear to be relaxing; reading a huge stack of magazines (the fact that many of them contain Halloween…


Funny things that were said at Christmas this year

“Stop asking about presents or I’ll burn the tree down” “Just like on Tila Tukwila” “She told me I hung a cat off the balcony…in a paper bag” “I think there’s a shortage of nuns” “My head is lumpy. Want to feel it?” “Your mom kicked your butt at Guitar Hero” “She slipped in her…


Scaring a kid on Christmas Day…

…playing Catch Phrase: “This is my job. I shoot people here” <points to head>   I’m sure mom and dad had to have a conversation with him later about why I’m not as scary as I seem. Pretty sure his eyes were going to pop out of his head.


Happy Holidays, Y’all

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Oh yes, I am one of those politically correct “happy holidays” people….so if you are celebrating something, I hope it’s a good one. And if you aren’t, then have a nice day. And if you are offended by “happy holidays”, feel free to move along. I’m not really…



Hot damn…I’m homework! With all the requisite weirdness brought to you by technorati. Uh, don’t study too hard over the holidays.


Speaking of movies…

the fact that my mental voice these days sounds like Timbaland (and so that is what I am going to call it) is, at least in part, the reason why I will not be seeing this. Timba says “do not see this movie, baby girl”. And so it shall be. (Hey, I am on vacation….you…


Here comes another bubble

I suppose that when you are young, the Billy Joel song is so uncool that it’s cool again. To me, it’s just uncool. But the video is funny.  


Horrible movie

I saw Margot at the Wedding last night. And as much as I don’t want to do movie reviews here, because I care about you, I need to tell you how horrible it was. The plot was limited and Margot was mean-spirited. It was like watching someone step on a dog’s tail over and over…