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At this very moment, I am procrastinating going to the gym. I am sitting here in my gym clothes trying to think of something that absolutely must get done right now. I just wanted to let you know; in case I ever give the impression of having my act together; an illusion possibly perpetuated by the fact that you cannot see the horrible state of my shower curtain through this here blog..well, I wanted to let you know that I am weak and I am out of excuses. Also, I wanted to let you know that I had to put the extra holiday cookies in the garage until someone has the good sense to conduct an intervention. I'll be waiting.

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  1. Jim S says:

    Heather, get off your ass now! Simple as that.

    Hell, why not post your routine on your website. This will guarantee results as public humiliation will occur if you don’t meet your goals. Now go go go!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jim S – yeah, that kind of motivation isn’t really what I am looking for. I’m more internally motivated. I’ve experienced enough public humiliation in life. I did make it to the gym last night…somehow got my heartrate to a place I don’t remember it every going before. I think I was subconsciously punishing myself. Need to get there today too. Took the day off so no excuses.

  3. Mike W says:

    I find the hardest part about the gym isn’t doing a routine once I’m there, it’s the effort to *get* there that is the hardest part.  I’ve been in the spot you’re in many times, Heather, where you are ready to go and then procrastinate.  (I won’t mention how many times I’ve done that and eventually said "it’s too late now, I’m not going")

    I just try to think about how good I feel when the workout is done and I’m back home, and that usually gets my butt in gear.

  4. Doug Burris says:


    If you go to the gym, you can justify cookies.  Works for me.  Walk up the stairs, have a piece of pie. Fold and carry laundry to the bedroom, have a cookie.

    Call me the king of justification.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yes! Mike, that is exactly it. You and I are alike in that regard. I do the "just get to the gym and if you want to come home, you can" thing with myself all the time. Of course I never come home. About half way through my stretching routine yesterday, I was ready to go! I even feel so much better today from having gone yesterday.

    It’s kind of like an inner argument between my intellectual side and my emotional side. Crazy.

    Gotta get there again today. Maybe a class.

  6. patblue says:

    Dangit HH, I can’t steal Doug’s H2, it works so well, you will still always be my HH, but I am certainly envious (mainly because I didn’t come up with it first) of the H2 moniker.

    As for the gym (as you know how uncommited I am), I do know from friends (congrats to our friend Annsh on her commitment) – that getting there is only half the battle.  Once you ge there doing your same routine will only cause further angst and boredom.  I have ‘heard’ that on these days you plop yourself in your car head to the gym and jump on a machine you have never used or don’t use that often.  If you are treadmill, do bike, or stairs etc etc.  I have heard this works for some, maybe one day I will try it.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yes, variety works! That’s why I started taking the circuit training classes and try out different instructors; though cute Bob is my favorite. Oops, did I just type that?

  8. Derek Bigelow says:


    How about you just give me the cookies for safe keeping.  That way, you don’t have to worry about them.  Or I could hide them somewhere on Microsoft campus and you could run around trying to find them, therefore elimintating the need for a gym.

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Seriously, Derek, if I was in your store this weekend versus last, I totally would have done that. I’m thinking maybe I’ll hide them on the MS campus myself and give clues. It’s amazing what hungry Microsofties will do for free food!

  10. mrscrooge says:

    Hey Hamilton. Days you don’t feel like going. Don’t. As long as you plan in two days a week, and you go at least 50% of the time, you’re golden. You’re there plenty enough, I know :). Speaking of food – Teapot is finally serving lunch on campus at 117!

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hmm, that’s not enough times, though. I’ve got to get it together. Istill have some goals. What’s Teapot?

  12. mrscrooge says:

    Another decent idea is – find two work out buddies. Not gym rats but someone like yourself. I used to do cardio with a friend and time would simply FLY because we’d be gabbing. I suggested two so that you can be flexible with getting a partner on any day.

    Also, busing helps get in a few extra bit of walking – theres a direct bus from your area all the way thru 156th. It means you’ll do a bit more walking but honestly speaking, I’ve started to love my 4 block walk to the bus stop in the AM.

    Re:teapot, its a seattle veg restaurant. Pretty good food compared to the usual cafeteria fare. Healthy and tasty!

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hey mrscrooge – I actually do that every once in a while. Well, OK I did it once when my friend Brian was in town. When I work out, I absolutely NEED the music. That is a big motivator for me. I kind of go to my happy place. I guess I could do that with a class though. But I find the people chatting away in the classes kind of annoying. Maybe I am a grouchy gym person. My trainer, el diablo , might tell you that I am quite frequently.

    I used to take public transportation when I lived in Chicago. Problem with it here is that I actually would have to take 2 buses. And it would take about an hour to go a few miles. I’m not saying I would never do it, but since the bus stop is basically outside my door, I am not sure it would have the desired effect. I’ve actually thought of biking to work. Figure I used to hate running and now I run. Kind of feel the same about biking…maybe my mind will change about that too (by the way, my mind will never change about swimming, but oddly, there was swimming in my dreams last night…I was winning swimming races….go figure). Anyway, I guess I’d have to find out if I can get myself to like biking before I invest in one.

    I’ll take a look at the teapot. I have kind of mixed feelings about vegetarian food. Sometimes I think it tries too hard to taste good. But I love that tofu/chickpea/curry thing at the proclub. Maybe I’ll make it into the city to try the teapot sometime!

  14. mrscrooge says:

    Ah so you’re a music junkie. I couldn’t work out if it weren’t for the music (pro club music is not very motivating for me) and I’m a total musichead. Try a napster subscription or something similiar, load up on NEW music everytime you go to the gym. Its a world of a difference I’ll tell you. With a 3 month subscription, I think they give you a decent 1 GB player for $50 extra. Or you can use one of your own players if its supported (like the creative zen)

    Re: Bus. Yeah I have to ride two as well, can be a pain sometimes…it just forces me to manage time better and get on the early/quick connections and it works out. Thats great that you looked into it

    Re: Teapot.

    Theres one in cafe 117 now. Good stuff.

  15. HeatherLeigh says:

    mrscrooge – I used to complain endlessley about the music in the free-weghts room at the ProClub. It was all hair bands, all the time. It’s much better now, but I still can’t resist telling my trainer it’s his favorite sone when something cheesy and poppy comes on. He kind of deserves it. Well, he did today anyway.

    So one of the things that I like about having my regular music on is that I know the words. I have no doubt that some of the ProClub employees secretly mock me for lip synching when I run, but it’s much less annoying than singing along. lus it wards off all those people that look like they are about to start a conversation with you. Interpersonal dynamics are so weird at the gym. Lalalala…I’m in my happy place! See how that comes in handy? The headphones help.

    OK, now I am going to be paranoid about you seeing me at the gym…especially since I don’t know who you are. Chances are you have already seen me on the treadmill singing away and just thought I was some crazy person : )

    I do miss public transport. Maybe now that I have my SmartPhone, I’ll be more inclined to try the bus.

    Oh yeah, you said about teapot in 117. I’ll have to check that out…thanks for the tip!

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