Two contract opportunities available on my team

THought I should let you all know that I have two contract opportunities available on my team in case you, or someone you know, is in the market for a contract recruiting stint at Microsoft. Also, by posting this, I am unburdening myself of some of the stress I feel to find someone *right now*!

I have a 90 day sourcing contract. It would be ideal for someone who has experience working with our applicant tracking system, but I'm not too confident that this is a possibility. What I am looking for is someone that can take a sourcing project plan and implement it and improve upon it. I'm looking for someone with business acumen who is very comfortable networking both inside and outside of the company. A key component of the project will be identifying and engaging tacit networks. This person does not need to be Redmond-based. Frankly, this is a project that I would love to work on myself if I had the time. It could also be a great project for a Microsoft staffing employee who has a reduced workload for any reason and wants to try out central sourcing just for fun. Whee!

I also have a longer term Staffing Associate role open. I'm looking for someone with a few years experience in the staffing space who may want to get some experience inside Microsoft. About half of the work is candidate tracking; entering data into our ATS and CRM systems, communicating to candidates and posting jobs. The other half of the job will be candidate generation. This is ideal for someone newer in the staffing industry who wants to learn from some excellent recruiters (hey, what can I say, I am forunate to have an impressive team). Key attributes will be experie4nce with recruiting lifecycle, an eye for process improvement (will help you whittle down the administrative aspects of the role), a drive to get stuff done, business acumen and a curiousity for effective candidate generation strategies and their implementation.

So if anyone out there, who has some experience in staffing, is intersted at all, you can reach me at heathham (at) microsoft (dot) com

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