Recruiter Question #8: So many positions, so little time, so many opportunities to hit the "apply" button

All recruiters may not be in the situation we are in, where we have hundreds upon hundreds of open positions posted at once. But even smaller companies may experience when candidate enthusiasm becomes too much of a good thing? Or is it ever too much?

OK, recruiters...when candidates are applying via your careers website or elsewhere, what's the limit to the number of positions they should apply for? And what does it say about them if they go over the limit? Is there a benefit to applying to *every* position that could possibly be a fit for or is that overkill?

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  1. Heather’s getting into recruiters’ heads to help jobseekers. You’ll want to look at their answers to her questions. What is the first thing you look at on a candidate’s resume? What are common red flags on a resume? What will…

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