Why people blog

I thought this was interesting. Verbatims (is that one of those annoying, made up words?) of bloggers on why they do it. Some days I wake up and ask myself..why? WHY?

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  1. tod hilton says:

    It’s cheaper than therapy [unless you have really good insurance like *ah-hem* we do].  đź™‚

  2. patblue says:

    Because it’s fun!  HH I thought of you many times on vacation this past week in HI.  I was witness to Crocs of many sizes shapes and colors – EVERYWHERE.   Apparently they are good for the beach.  I just wore my flip flops.



  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    tod- I will say that when you blog you do get lots of unsolicited (and sometimes solicited) advice. That’s good for something I suppose.

    patblue-it is fun, but I have to admit that it being fun isn’t a good enough reason to do it (at least not for work). And there are some un-fun aspects to it as well. Trolls, inappropriate e-mails, that kind of stuff. I had lunch with AnnSh last week and we saw some crocs and thought of you immediately. I’m glad to hear that you wore the flip flops. I’m not sure why I have an us versus them thing when it comes to crocs but I do own a silly number of pairs of flip flops.

  4. patblue says:

    You are right!  Yes I remember the first time I got a nasty uneeded comment on my blog (I simply deleted it, but I thought – whoa, that wasn’t fun I felt violated).  Trolls and freaks can make blogging unfun.

  5. Derek Bigelow says:

    Am I out of it?  What’s a Croc?  A Shoe?

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Derek-quite to the contrary, you are probably very fashionable not knowing what crocs are. They are those brightly colored rubber plastic looking clog things. They have them for adults and kids. Originally intended for the garden (and should stay there in my opinion).

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