I’m so sick of the political ads!

Argggh! Thankfully the election is tomorrow...I cannot stand any more of these advertisements. What's worse is the phone calls with a taped statement from the candidate. If I stayed on the line long enough to find out who the candidates were, I would not be voting for them!

My goal for the day is to read through my voters pamphlet and select my votes so I'll be ready when I go to the polls tomorrow. Of course, I won't share my political leaning (though those that know me well, in person, are aware) because it's one of the things I decided early on not to cover on my blog (politics and religion can be so divisive...it's not worth it).

I tend to have a need to be heard (in general...people are free to discount my opinion but only after they have heard me out please) and with regard to political process, voting is the way to be heard unless I want to protest something (I don't). So I feel pretty strongly about voting. 

Trivia: there are 2 Microsofties that I know of on the ballot (my guess is that they left MS to pursue the campaign trail). I'm not endorsing anyone so I won't link to anything here but I find that interesting.

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  1. vicki70 says:

    In our area, there’s a vote for a coroner – I just find that weird. Do they have a party afflilation? What would be a coroner’s platform anyway?

    Maybe I should have campaigned for THAT job… qualifications not necessary. 😉 LOL!

  2. Bad_Brad says:

    Typical campaign ad –

    (Dark dissonant music in a minor key, dark colors on screen, accompanied by a bad image of candidate A)

    (Male voice)

    "Candidate A wants all Senior Citizens to have no food or medicine.  Candidate A wants our children removed from schools and put into sweat-shops.  Candidate A is in bed with lobbyists.  Candidate A advocates clubbing baby seals in the Arctic."

    (Gentle piano sonata in C major, images of a bright sunny day, accompanied by a perfect airbrushed image of candidate B)

    (Female voice)

    "Candidate B loves Senior Citizens and children and hates lobbyists.  Also, candidate B advocates humane treatment of baby seals."

    "I am candidate B, and I approve this message."

  3. theCoach says:

    "If I stayed on the line long enough to find out who the candidates were, I would not be voting for them!"

    That is a common sentiment, but it is worth nothing that common sentiments are ones that are often taken advantage of – for example, the GOP is fake robo-calling as Democrats to take advantage of just that sentiment:


    for more


  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    vicki70, hmm, perhaps they need to be good at recognizing the signs of death. A little morbind. I didn’t realize that it was an elected office versus an appointment. You got me on the platform : )

    Bad_Brad,  you got that right.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    theCoach-that is scary. Good thing I am using my pamphlet to decide my vote.

  6. Derek Bigelow says:

    I just can’t wait until Congress is in "proper" order again.

    Heather, what pamphlet are you talking about?

    Bad_Brad – In all honesty, you should be a campaign manager.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    It’s called "State of Washington Voters Pamphlet". I got it in the mail. Incidentally, I’m registerd to vote by mail but I NEVER have received my mail in ballott. I get campaign pieces that reference my mail-in status but not ballott. Hmm, now who is responsible for mailing out the ballots?

    Don’t encourage Bad_Brad….we don’t want to lose another ‘softie to politics! : )

  8. Derek Bigelow says:

    As you know I just moved here, and I just received my voter registration confirmation thingy, so I’m all set for tomorrow.  I didn’t get a pamphlet though.  Good luck tomorrow!

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    You too! I got through my pamphlet and I’m ready to go.

    Here’s a version of the King County Pamphlet online: http://www.metrokc.gov/elections/

    Just scroll down to the candidates and measures (many pof which are by city). Pretty much the same info. You really have to read about the measures to understand what they are getting at. It makes you worry that they are hiding something in there.

  10. Jim S says:

    I know I’m a little late here, but please vote for me.

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