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As much as I've been sharing of my self in my recent blogging (are you as bored as I am?), I realize that many of you come here for insight into the world of recruiting and tips on your job search (active or not so active). Anyway, I do happen to know that some recruiters read my blog (none of you are doing that during phone interviews though, right?). So I thought I might bridge the gap between the haves (as in "have info on the inner workings of the recruiter's mind") and the have nots (because the recruiters mind can be a scary place to live).

I'm going to throw some topics relevant to the job search out and invite recruiters to respond. I'll also invite you to ask questions and join in the conversation. Just because I am too busy to write proper prose does not mean that you should go without some career assistance. There are plenty of blog-savvy, smart recruiters out there willing to share their wisdom with you.


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