Whomever wrote this headline has some serious issues

Desperate No More: Eva Longoria Engaged Are you freaking kidding me? Yeah, all us single gals are “desperate” until someone comes and rescues us. Gag. Really, one should expect more from the Associated Press.


Odysseus has nothing on me

When I heard that the news reported Seattle has gotten an inch of snow, I thought “big deal…they freak out over a little snow which will probably be gone when I get home”. It’s hard to care about snow when you are enjoying sunshine. When I travel, I really miss my dog. I’ve gotten over…


I knew she was one of us

Carolyn Kepcher joins Microsoft. Well, sort of.


In my element…

I try not to talk too much about my passion for college football here because the urge to edit out comments from haters would be just too great for me to bear.  We have an NCAA college football e-mail alias here where we all snark at each other (and you know I love that). When…


One pair of hiking boots used twice in seven years

There’s no fashion in hiking. You need proof?   That’s my dad and me hiking at Superstition Mountain on Thanksgiving morning. I thought my glasses/hat combo was pretty special.


Matthew Ammon

Sad news for Microsoft. A construction accident that happened last week in Bellevue claimed the life of a bright young Microsoft attorney, Matthew Ammon, in his condo. I don’t know Matthew and I doubt that his family will see this, but our hearts go out to them. He was clearly a rising star in IP…


Moderating comments

You know I hate to do this. As I am in and out of the office from now through years end and I’m a total control freak unwilling to let anyone else act as blog administrator here (Hah! Like someone wants to!), and I’m seeing more blog spam, I’m going to moderate comments. Please be…


Two contract opportunities available on my team

THought I should let you all know that I have two contract opportunities available on my team in case you, or someone you know, is in the market for a contract recruiting stint at Microsoft. Also, by posting this, I am unburdening myself of some of the stress I feel to find someone *right now*!…


Fighting off the hypocrisy of logging on when I am taking vacation time

You think the interesting internal battle is good versus evil? I can’t believe how much mental energy I have already burnt trying to decide if I log on while I take holiday time off. It’s ridiculous. Having worked at Microsoft for the number of years I have, I have learned that no matter what, you…


As much as I’d like to avoid Al Roker…

I’m not sure I can justify this as an addition to my collection of coffee makers. Though I have to say, that finding Al Roker as unfunny as I do, I could consider this a morning annoyance avoidance device. I liked him better when he didn’t try to be funny…because he’s not.