If you can’t find me, I’m passed out on the bathroom floor

I was just cutting up apples to dump into the crockpot. Unfortunately, I had just cut up raw chicken for the crockpot too. And was eating the leftover apple. I may have actually swallowed some of it before I realized what I was doing. Idiot! I believe that salmonella is a kind of dinosaur.

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    Not much worse than salmonella poisoning.

    Except maybe E.coli poisoning. But that’s really like comparing getting run over by a Ford or a Chevy. Either way it sucks.

    What’s really a hard thing to get over living in Japan is that people eat raw and under-cooked eggs all the time. I do it too now, but it was very difficult to get past the fear of salmonella poisoning.

    Drink lots of water!

  2. Patblue says:

    Geo has a freaky fear of this too, I have never been to worried about it, but I have friends that have a chicken juice ritual that could rival many complex surgery suite preparations.  Me, I cut up the chicken, toss out the packaging and BAM! (Emeril), I am done.  Others I have noticed put on their contamination suits and sterilize the entire house.  Knock wood, I am salmonella free for 34 years that I can remember.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Lauren-you have probably built up immunity to some of the bacteria. Hopefully I sweat out some of the icky stuff at the gym last night : )

    Patblue- I am probably somewhere in between. I keep everything separate and wash my hands thoroughly touching raw meet (I hate touching it by the way). But I know I shouldn’t use my bamboo cutting board for chicken but I do anyway. I just make sure that use very HOT water when I wash it off.

    I’ve been in the hospital 2x with some kind of digestion related issue. One of those things where I drove myself to the hospital practically in the fetal position with a grocery bag on my lap.  An IV drip and a shot of Bentyl help (and that’s all the detail I am sharing). I used to have really bad problems (what 26 year old has their own gastroenterologist? I did!) that started with the feeling of chest pains. So I know how bad it can get and it’s real bad. It cleared up quite a bit as I got older, but the memories of severe pain are vivid. So as much as I am not living in fear of germs (so I use those little wet wipes to wipe off the shopping cart handle? So?), I would do anything reasonable to avoid a trip to the emergency room.

    TMI, huh?

  4. mrscrooge says:

    hmm so that was you? I thought I smelt raw poultry in the cardio room…

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