Dress like your favorite holiday

Those creative Aquent people. Love this idea. See if you can guess the holidays. It's not as easy as you think.

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  1. Wine-Oh says:

    I once dressed as an earthquake for Halloween. Not quite a holiday. But it was a creative costume. I had black sweat pants on with yellow lines up each leg that served as the road. I glued match box cars, tree branches, and barbie dolls (dismembered) to the road and my shirt. THen I had a black line going up my shirt and onto my face symbolizing the cracks in the road.

    On a serious note looking back while dressing as an earthquake in college was funny, this week was one of those life altering moments. I live directly across the street in NYC where the small plane hit the building. You could see my apt building on the news. Luckily everyone I know is ok. My dog is ok and even held 14 hours (as the dog walker couldnt get into the building). I had to sneak in through a side entrance to get to her. At 10 1/2 shes unfazed and was just happy to see me. An inconveinence for the next few days but thats life. The police handled the situation so well. Alec Baldwin on the other hand shouldnt use his celebrity’dom to try and gain access to places hes not allowed. He was turned away from the street, as it was only open to residents. I am now protesting all Alec Baldwin movies.  

    Morale of the story: People reached out to me who I hadnt spoken with in some time. Take a moment this weekend to call someone and re-connect. You’ll be glad you did. Now my calendar is filled with social activites til December. 🙂

    (OK Sorry Heather, this was totally off topic, but thought it was a good thing to share here).

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    I’m glad you let me know about that. Whenever I see something happening in NYC, I figure it’s such a bog place, waht are the chances it will impact someone I actually know. Glad your doggie was able to hold it. I’ve had a couple situations where I couldn’t get home as soon as I wanted to and Jonas always seems to be fine. They don’t get the concept of the passage of time so it feels like a normal day to them with a full bladder.

    I heard that one of the people that died was the lady that was critically injured not too long ago when one of the Macy’s Parade balloons hit a light pole and it fell on her. You can’t help but feel for anyone impacted by this type of event.

  3. pete says:

    Wine-Oh, you should dress like a Yankee.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ew, bad typos in that last comment. I bet if you searched the word "bog" on my blog, you’d find it in quite a few places. I also favor string over strong. Guess I’m a bad aim with the finger that differentiates between the "i" and "o" keys.

    Wine-Oh let me know that the Macy’s balloon lady is alive and well. But it was her apartment that got hit. What are the chances?

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ooh, and I just got my Aquent cow in the mail. Sheesh, it took them long enough to send me one : )

  6. NYANA says:


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