Wherein I make a complete hypocrite of myself

We had day one of our Global HR Summit today (HR folks from around the world fly in to Redmond for the event). I have pictures to share from the social event we had tonight but have to figure out how to scan them or something. I need to unburden myself of one other fact first.

At said social event, there was a chocolate fountain. And I partook of the chocolate fountain with a miniature rice crispy treat no less. I think last week I said I'd rather eat dirt than a Twinkie and I stand by that. However, it seems that today, I had a metaphorical hankering for potting soil and that chocolate fountain came in handy. It was goo-ood.

Please forgive me.

PS: to my credit, I avoided the Rock-araoke stage but thoroughly enjoyed those that didn't and I also revisited my youth by losing in both air hockey and foosball.

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  1. eR0CK says:

    Chocolate fountains rock!  I usually go for the stawberries and dip them in the fountain 🙂  Not too healthy, but it sure is delicious.

    No Rock-araoke?  I put you as the adventourous type!?  I’m sure all of us would thoroughly enjoy a little YouTube (is that cliché now since Google owns YouTube today?) video of you singing!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, you are probably never going to see such a video. One thing that I learned at these multi-day, work-related events is that drinking, though it sounds like a good idea at the time, makes for a rough next day (and a rough next workout). So I lacked the liquid motivation to get onstage. I’m even feeling the sugar this morning. Bleh.

  3. Patblue says:

    HA! I was at an event like this recently for Windows Live -MSN.  Coworkers and I were remembering the days of old  – when I was a young buck at Microsoft and would literally just stand by the booze table consuming as much ‘free’ alcohol that I possibly could.  Now at events, you can find me parked beside the chocolate fountain consuming as much as I can, and not holding interest in booze because I have to work the next day.  Funny how times change.

  4. eR0CK says:

    I can relate!  I try my best to drink very little when I’m in an environment where I know people will be judging my actions.  I tend to say things in poor taste and sing karaoke until my hearts content, even after just a few drinks.  Hope that head feels better!


    P.S.  When I have a morning-after ‘sugar’ headache, some junk food always help.  For me, that’s a sloppy double whopper!

  5. Jim S says:

    I’m pretty sure that Willy Wonka had a chocolate fountain in his foyer.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Patblue-we are getting old.

    eRock-I’ve probably had too much event food. I need a break from food!

    Jim S- ours wage huge though. Was his huge?

  7. Mark Tookey says:

    Oh Heather!

    How could you succumb to the lure of the chocolate fountain! You may have single-handedly prolonged the shelf life of the product by a whole extra Christmas…


  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    I know, but i didn’t buy it. My guess is that our catering on campus owns it. It was so tall!

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