How I know that Abercrombie doesn’t want my business…

My customer profile: thirty-something who reserves a significant portion of disposable income for unneeded fashion and refuses to dress her age (a girl’s got to have some fun). Dislikes: anything seriously “preppy”, mom jeans, the color teal, sensible shoes, shoulder pads, button- down collars, ironing Likes: anything 80s inspired but not officially retro, signature pieces…


Only enough room in my heart for one dog…

but if…IF…I had room in my heart to love one more doggy as much as I love my Jonas, it would be this one. I’m pretty sure he’s made out of clay.


My take on options

Our marketing team has a new employment branding campaign that I really like. They have different ads around the same core theme in different places. Of course, the one that appeals to me is the one on our college recruiting website. What can I say, I am a dog person. Either that or I need…


Trying not to lose vacation days

Every year at this time, many Microsoft employees start to devise plans to take off extra vacation time here and there so they don’t lose it. We get an e-mail reminder with a tool that helps us calculate how many days we will lose by the end of the year if we don’t take them….


Commuter-friendly workplaces

Marketwatch has an article on commuter-friendly workplaces detailing results of a study by the Department of Transportation and the EPA. Of course, working from home is what keeps me out of the gridlock. I’ll admit that any kind of traffic really ticks me off. It’s my impatience and the fact that I could be doing something…


If you can’t find me, I’m passed out on the bathroom floor

I was just cutting up apples to dump into the crockpot. Unfortunately, I had just cut up raw chicken for the crockpot too. And was eating the leftover apple. I may have actually swallowed some of it before I realized what I was doing. Idiot! I believe that salmonella is a kind of dinosaur.


Me and Stephen Hawking, We’re Like This

A few weeks ago, I took a class at Microsoft called Situational Leadership. We have a training team that offers different types of classes in house so you can take classes in subjects ranging from technical skills to time management. I had heard good things about Situational Leadership so I decided to take it. In short,…


The exploding video resume

I hope that someday we come to find out that Aleksey Varner (née Garber) has a wicked sense of humor. But based on what I have seen, he’s totally serious. Aleksey gets an A+ in cheesy eighties business book metaphors and seems to have mastered the high art of taking himself too seriously. Luckily, we don’t…


Freakishly intense nesting

I live in what real-estate agents call a rambler (irony or coincidence…do you see the size of this blog post?), though at just a smidge over 1000 square feet, it really looks more like a bungalow. It’s a good size for me and Jonas (though I still dream of a mud room…doesn’t that sound fabulous?…