TheLadders hires tall people

TheLadders was the reason for my visit to NY last week. That's Dewayne Martin, their VP of Strategic Partnerships (and Notre Dame fan...we forgive him) on the left and Michael Shafrir, their Senior Manager of Business Development (and Michigan Alum...makes me wonder about their staff meetings during the fall) on the right. Yeah, we talked about football ('s can you not?), but they had to be nice to me since I flew all that way. Michael's the person that didn't give up calling me until I knew I wanted to work with TheLadders on filling some of our marketing positions. All the patterns in this picture are hurting my eyes.

One of the things that I like about TheLadders is that they take the time to understand what features are most important to me. I also like that they are incredibly flexible. So when I call Michael and say "I have an idea. What do you think?" the response is "Let's see how we can do this". The trip to New York was a great opportunity for me to sit down with their product team, talk about our candidate generation work flow and discuss potential opportunities for them to explore new employer-focused features. Why spend so much time with them? Because I make hires through them; why else? I'm super impressed with their employees who are bright and incredibly passionate about their work. The meeting started with me walking into their cool SoHo office space and finding a big poster of my face. Hmm, let it not be said that I can't take a joke. I'm still deciding who is going to pay for that one (I think he may own a red tie). Regardless, it was a really great experience.

The picture above is from their party at the SoHo House which was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to get to know their team better. We are working on some new things with TheLadders so I'll share more as things progress. And if anyone decides to sign up with them, I can give you some insight into how I, as a corporate recruiter, use them (it's not just the job postings that you need to think about...there's more there).

Comments (8)

  1. Michael says:

    Handsome devil that Michael Shafrir :-)…

  2. Jason davis says:

    I think DeWayne is wearing stilts.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Seems that way, especially since I’m 5’8" (hah!)

  4. Sandi says:

    Hi – can you re-post the photo? It’s a broken image to me.


  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Sandi, it looks OK for me. Perhaps it’s your browser? Anyone else havng trouble seeing it and if so, what browser?

  6. Jim says:

    What’s wrong with the shirt on the left? I thought there was something wrong with my monitor, but they’re isn’t.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    You are getting sleepy….very sleepy. Seriously, that’s how Dewayne hypnotizes people into liking Notre Dame. I never looked directly at the shirt.

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