Incoming Freshmen

Matt Lauer just mentioned that the incoming college freshman class was born in 1988. He said this while "Sweet Child O' Mine" was playing in the background. GnR was the soundtrack to my college years. Oh, I miss my cut-off jeans.

I think I am going to be sick.

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  1. Graham says:

    The trigger event for me to stop the madness of remembering just how old I am was when I started talking to people at work about events I remembered that happened before the person I was talking to was born. After that, it was all downhill to the reluctant acceptance that I am now officially part of the "older generation" that just doesn’t understand  ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tora says:

    Matt Lauer is a hunk. It just has to be said.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tora, I can’t disagree with you. He has an impressive six-pack.

  4. Christien says:

    I’m glad I had a cool older sister to keep me in the loop on the tunes.  She was a senior in HS and  I was the coolest 1st grader ;->.  

  5. Ed Kuryluk says:

    I went to HS and college entirely during the 80’s. Sure, my body is "older". But I still feel young. Anytime I start thinking about people’s ages and where I was when they were born, I get dizzy (old age?)

    That is the first time I’ve heard of Matt Lauer being refered to as a "hunk". You learn something everyday.

  6. Patblue says:

    I heard this on the radio this morning as well.  Those college freshman born in ’88 have no grasp of two Germany’s, have no knowledge of the Soviet Union…AND have never NOT had a cell phone… (lets not mention that they can’t conceptualize a rotary phone)….my day started the same way (I’m old) ‘sigh’

  7. eR0CK says:

    I graduated college in June of 2006.  Boy do I feel out of place!

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Christien-lucky you ; )

    Ed- I nearly did that as well. I still feel young as well, but unfortunately, it sometimes results in people wondering "why is that middle aged woman wearing that?"…I’m probably too paranoid. I am not sure they would know to use the term "middle aged".

    Oh Patblue-I’m even older! They don’t know what life was like before MTV! Did you have one of those huge walkmans that required a strap?

    eRock-as long as you don’t mind us calling you Freshman!

  9. Hmmm…strange. I was just thinking about this today as well. Not that I’m that old, but I was considering that kids who were born in the 90s (like my little sis) will soon be in college!

    I remember being teased at work for being an 80s kid! Who’s laughing now!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Q: What’s the one thing everyone on the planet is doing at the same time?

    A: Getting older

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ian-you are right…you aren’t old. I hope things are going well for you, onetruecoolguy ; )

    So I am sure that someone is going to disagree with me, but life gets better after your twenties. You could not pay me to be in my 20s again. What a mess that was! I’m thorougly enjoying my thirties (and still will be for a couple more years…for the record). The thirties is where I stopped caring about stuff that didn’t matter and stopped worrying *too much* about things that do matter.

  11. Deb says:

    Ha!  Heather, we so think alike.  I was thinking about the "life before MTV" bit too.  I remember anticipating it’s beginning.  I actually watched "Video Killed the Radio Star".  And these kids don’t remember not having MTV, or cell phones….or even ATMs!!!  (Remember having to make sure you had enough cash for the weekend?)

    BTW, thirties are fantastic.  I’m having a bit of an "oh my god, I’m about to hit 40" thing going on….but you couldn’t pay me to go back to my 20s either.

    Oh…these kids were born while Reagan was President.  They probably don’t remember the hostages in Iran, the day gas cost a dollar a gallon, or the 1980 US hockey team beating the USSR (or why that was a big deal)…….

  12. Deb says:

    Wow.  These kids don’t remember the Challenger explosion either, do they?

    Dang, I feel old.


  13. RJD says:

    Ditto.  You couldn’t pay me to do the 20s again either.  30s have been pretty good.  If I had known how much fun growing up was, I’d have tried it years ago!

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    Deb- I watched "Video Killed the Radio Star"…remember Solid Gold? Hee! I remember going through the drive-through lane of the bank with my….get this…wait for it…bank book!

    What about the day John Lennon died…I remember exactly where I was. Ditto when Regan was shot, Challenger explosion (college freshmen weren’t even BORN yet).  Wanna feel real old: Match Game 76, Battle of the Network Stars, Hang Ten and dolphin shorts, feathered hair, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, Gee your Hair Smells Terrific!, Aspen Soda. I saw Saturday Night Fever and the original Star Wars…IN A THEATER! Without Dolby : ) I played pong on my black and white TV! While I listened to my  Shawn Cassidy cassette tape! And then I went and saw Ice Castles. Our brand new microwave oven was HUGE!

  15. Wine-Oh says:

    This posting makes me want to find my stone washed acid jeans and roll the cuffs up.

    Match Game 76 rocks. I still watch it when i can on GSN!

    I remember when my dad came home with our first VCR. 2 parts and it popped up to put in the cassette tape. Ahh nostalgia.

  16. Lauren Smith says:


  17. Ed Kuryluk says:

    Deb – I was thinking about the MTV thing too. Not only do these kids not remember life without MTV, but they are too young to remember when MTV only played music.

    Heather – I probably dress my age  (most of the time), but I definitely don’t drive a car my age. Without going into details, I drive a relatively rare VW that is only a few years old, plus it is the hottest yellow you’ve ever seen. It’s the car I would’ve killed to have in HS. Nearly everyday someone under the age of 24 gives me kudos for the car. But people from our generation don’t get it. Like the day I went to pick up my daughter from Soccer and the soccer moms thought I was the pizza guy when I pulled in. One mom told me, "all the kids are driving cars like that." (too bad I wasn’t wearing my black xBox t-shirt that day!) Since then, my wife has delicately discussed with me the idea of getting a more "age-appropriate" car.

  18. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh….we made the wise decision to buy a Beta for our frst VCR. I  worked at a video store and they talked us into it. A video store! With casette tapes! I had to ask everyone "Beta or VHS?"!

    OK, I’ve gotta stop with the exclamation points! (oops! dang it!).

    Ed-good point. I remember that too…it was all video. And then came Yo! MTV Jams. Young folks today probably don’t get what the moon man is all about (try to get that song out of your head while you think about the moon man). You may have to share a photo of the car with us. Sadly, my car is totally age-appropriate. I went from a lexus to a Rav 4; mostly because dogs paws and dog hair don’t go with a sedan with leather seats. As I was car shopping, I did pass on a few cars that looked a little too-soccer mom-ish (not that there’s anything wrong with soccer moms…it’s ust that I’m not one…more of a dog transporting, home DIYer…needed the extra space). I ride in my friend’s little BMW convertible and I kind of wish I had one and then I remind myself that my car is paid for.

    I think that the age inappropriate car is OK as long as you can pass for the pizza guy ; )

  19. Wine-Oh says:

    My friends tease me that I drive a VW Passat (AKA a soccer mom car). I like it for a lot of reasons. I dont have the problem of the leather and dog hair like I did in my last car which had cloth. I find this easier to clean. Someone ought to come out with a car that is dog friendly, just like they have those baby seats in some cars.

    Oh and whats up with DVD and tv screens in cars these days? Where was that when our generation went on road trips? We played car bingo way too many times.

  20. MOM says:

    Here I am ready to make you all feel really young . . .

    If  anyone knows any 114 year olds–let me know.

    Then, I can happily call myself–" Middle-aged."

    Just my opinion but "young" is really over-rated.

  21. Ed Kuryluk says:

    Oh yeah… nothing against soccer moms. I’m married to one, she’s cool.

    But getting back to the 80’s. I felt pretty old when I recently saw pictures of a "not-so-svelte-as-a-karma-chameleon" Boy George lately. Middle-age wasn’t kind to him (I guess the drugs played a role). On the other hand I got to see Duran Duran a couple years back in New Orleans (hey, that was a Microsoft Partner event!) and they really rocked. In ’84 they rocked. By ’89 I thought they were cheesy. In ’04 they rocked again.

  22. Ed Kuryluk says:

    Ok, since you gently twisted my arm… here is a URL to a photo of my car on Flickr.

    VW made 4000. 1200 in this color. Many differences from a regular GTI. Since I’ve gotten it I’ve only see a couple others.

  23. tod hilton says:

    Gag me with a spoon, I graduated from HS in 1988. :-

    The 30’s are great when…

    – you still get carded at bars

    – you feel comfortable in your own skin instead of trying to look like everyone else

    – you have the same (or close to it) waist size as you did 15 (ahem, 20) years earlier

    – you have the confidence to do what’s right for you and screw anyone who says otherwise

    – and of course, when a 20-something hot chick at work tells you you’re one of the good looking guys in the building. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh, such a car exists. I believe it was a GMC SUV that came out a few years back. I’ll try and find out but it had a ramp for the dog to get in and I think you could pretty much hose out the interior (for those of us that have had the fun experience of a fluff of dog hair floating into your mouth when you are driving down the road with the windows open, singing along to the radio…not that I do that…much)

    Mommy…cute. (yes, people, that’s my real mom).

    Ed-I am with you on the Duran Duran thing. I think excess makes people puffy. And I think Sheryl Crow looks amazing! Oh, also…nice car!

    tod- the rest of the readers don’t have the benefit of knowing how awesome your wife is. Between that and the last item in your list, sounds like you are doing OK.

  25. Wine-Oh says:

    Oh yea I remember that GMC. Too much car for me in NYC. I’ll stick to my soccer mom mobile.

    Ed. Nice car indeed. Just dont drive it in NYC or you will be mistaken for a taxi. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tod- I match most of the things on your list. Just got carded the other night at my regular bar of all places. They just had a raid and said it was protocol. Yeah ok.

  26. Wine-Oh says:

    PS- Tod, your parents have a nice website. Makes me want to get a lab puppy. As an owner of a 10 1/2 yr old female black lab, I cant speak enough about the breed. I got her when she was 10 weeks old from a breeder, and she is the best dog I have ever had.

  27. tod hilton says:

    Heather- I count myself pretty damn lucky that I caught my wife’s attention…skinny little nerd that I was/am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wine-Oh- Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your thirties too and thanks for the kudos on my parent’s site…I had nothing to do with the design as they got tired of waiting for me to ‘get around to designing it.’ D’oh! And yes, labs are my favorite breed too, but then I’ve been aroun

    around to designing it.’ D’oh! And yes, labs are my favorite breed too, but then I’ve been around them my whole life so I’m somewhat bias. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Steinkamp says:

    Seems like just yesterday that we were hanging out in Century with Sam Crystal and Mark Honey rocking out to GnR.  BTW I am going to see Def Leppard and Journey with Jim Nappo this weekend.  What  a dork am I?

  29. Timothy says:

    Ah, to remember the 80s. MTV, horrible clothing, cocaine, greed being good, wait…nothing has changed for me.

  30. HeatherLeigh says:

    tod- knowing you are lucky (well, fortunate, really) is the important thing!

    Steinkamp- I have not heard those names in ages. Mark Honey! What ever happened to that guy? Remember Colby, the "old guy" down the hall who was probably all of 27 at the time? I swear we lived a lifetime freshman year. And he knew about fake tanning way before the rest of us.

    I was just telling my trainer that he shouldn’t call Def Leppard a "hair band" because they are actually good. So I guess I am the same kind of dork. Is Jim one of your friends that visited you freshman year?

  31. tod hilton says:

    Oops, looks like my comment got messed up when I copy/pasted it.  The end should have read (without the extra stuff): "And yes, labs are my favorite breed too, but then I’ve been around them my whole life so I’m somewhat bias."

    I write software applications yet have trouble with copy/paste. ๐Ÿ˜

  32. Ed Kuryluk says:

    Wine-oh –  My cool soccer mom wife drives a VW Passat. Yes, it’s a wagon, but it’s also a stick, so it goes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ . Funny you mention NYC, I’m headin’ there tomorrow for interviews. The GTI stays home, I prefer Metro-North and the subways in NYC ;).

    Heather – My daughter was getting ready the other morning, about to braid her hair. I’m not making this up…she asked for three "hairbands". Without missing a beat I said Poison, Cinderella and Ratt. You can imagine the look. Hypothetically speaking, would someone be a dork if they actually owned a Union Jack tank top like Joe Elliott wore in the old Def Lep videos, hypothetically?

  33. Wine-Oh says:

    Ed- A stick Passat wagon? That is a soccer mom car. I have the 4 Motion sedan and it doesnt come in stick. Plus stick in NYC is not fun.

    NYC weather is great right now. Great time to walk around the city. Unlike our heatwave in July. I am headed to Toronto on Monday for vacation. Good luck with your interviews.

    VW actually tested the new Rabbit here in NYC and had them going around town as taxi’s. Great marketing idea

  34. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ed- if we were to go with the assumption that I am the decider of dorkhood…you know, that in my own homebody, cleaning frenzied, shopaholic, likes to smell stuff life, that someone deemed me approriate to decide who is a dork (and let me just say that I wear my dorkhood on the inside pretty much), then I personally would say that no you are not a dork. If you wear said t-shirt with pencil leg jeans and black-and-white checkered Vans, then you are. I’m just imaging the eye rolling that took place when the hair bands joke was made….assuming she’s old enough to be annoyed by you (and if not, it’s coming….good luck to you). Hee.

    Hey Ed and Wine-Oh- dueling Passats. Cool!

  35. Ed Kuryluk says:

    Wine-Oh – thanks for that link. Cool stuff. There used to be a TV show like this in Vegas (would come on after Blind Date). Anyhow this guy does it better, and it’s in NYC so I can relate to some of this stuff.

    Yeah, if the 4-motion was available in stick we would’ve gone that way. But we don’t know how to drive automatics – jk ๐Ÿ˜‰ Had we waited a year they offered a stick with the 4mo with the 1.8T.   Anyhoo… I enjoy driving sticks in NYC. My bro-in-law lives in the Village, and we own the West Side Highway (hehehe) when we’re in town.

    Heather – Sorry, way OT here. Where were  we, Def Leppard, Matt Lauer, GnR, Hunks, Dorks?

  36. HeatherLeigh says:

    Haha…that’s OK. I enjoy a little car talk now and then.

  37. Jonathan says:

    Wow a middle-age support group…I think I’m home!

    Other things that this group of freshmen likely don’t know:

    * Jim Valvano running around the court looking for someone to hug after uber-underdogs N.C. State shocked Houston’s Fi Slamma Jamma.

    * That Sally K. Ride isn’t a rollercoaster at the amusement park.

    * How critical it was to tune into the last episode of M*A*S*H*, since there wasn’t Tivo and taping things were still expensive.

    * Who John Belushi was and why the world lost one of the first physical comedians, pre-Jim Carrey, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, etc

    * Life before Internet, IM, Googling for answers, searchinng for term papers online, chat rooms, forums and programming that didn’t involve going to a college for computer cards and then all the sorting that went into it.

    * Live-Aid, Farmers-Aid, Band-Aid, etc as the beginning of big concert efforts to raise money for those in need.

    * When Coca-Cola tried to change it’s 99-year old formula to "New Coke" and very quickly later reintroduced "Classic Coke" (a lesson that’s revisited in every college Marketing class of "what not to do"

    * The joy of watching Walter "Sweetness" Payton run around, over, under and through the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Also, the entire Bears team introducing "The Super Bowl Shuffle"

    * Rain Man, Mississippi Burning, A Fish Called Wanda, Bull Durham  All great movies that are rented to this day and include great, great actors/actresses.

    Ahh, yes, this group of kids will likely say the same thing to the incoming freshmen of 2024 and we’ll sit back and just smile like the elders of today.

  38. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh Jonathan…anyone who talks about Sweetness is OK with me. I’ve already decided that any future dog I get will be named Sweetness. I was living in Chicago during the Superbowl Shuffle ("We are the bears/Shufflin’ Crew/Shufflin’ on Down/Doin’ it for You!"). And I had the video taped on…you guessed it: Beta!

    Ahh, whatever happened to our punky QB and The Fridge? I met Willie Gault about 8 years ago in Chicago…really nice guy.

    And that was the last time I really cared about pro football. But Reggie Bush is making me kind of care again. Who wouldnt’ want to root for the Saints?

  39. Steinkamp says:

    Jim Nappo was a crazy ATO who is also allergic to Chicken!

  40. HeatherLeigh says:

    Steinkamp….did you develop some kind of interest in chicken after graduation? : ) Also allergic to chicken in addition to being an ATO or also allergic to chicken in addition to someone else being allergic to chicken? I’m not sure of the significance of being allergic to chicken. Are they serving chicken at the concert? You’re funny but I’m not sure why! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Name doesn’t ring a bell. But man there were so many ATOs (and if memory serves, most were crazy). I’m sure he doesn’t know who I am either.

  41. Steinkamp says:

    Point taken – and I hope that by now noone is still reading this thread so this will pretty much serve as an e-mail.

    I am allergic to chicken –

    He is the only other person I have ever met who is also allergic to chicken –

    I included the reference as an identifier but I guess I failed miserably –

    The concert was great by the way….

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