2006 Marketing Salary Survey

There's a new one up at the Aquent site. This year it isn't blinking.

Thanks to reader Alex for the link

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  1. eR0CK says:

    Maybe I made the wrong career choice? 🙂

    It would be interesting if they could append the number of years (experience) each person had in the 25th percentile, etc.

    As a recent college graduate myself, it has become increasingly hard to determine ones worth as a ‘newb’.  I constantly ask myself if I’m being paid enough, but I enjoy my job and that’s what is most important.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    eRock, then it sounds like you are focusing on the right things. If you are passionate about what you do and you are learning as you go, the money will come. I had some very lean years starting out (it’s a wonder I still like peanut butter).

  3. eR0CK says:


    It’s interesting you mention ‘peanut butter’.  Guess what I do each day, I ‘brown bag it’ to work everyday … inside the bag, PBJ!  Although I constantly ask myself, "if I was making $100K a year, what would I eat?" … probably PBJ 🙂

    Thanks for the comments!  I enjoy what I do now (as everyone should enjoy their job), but I feel myself drifting towards the business side of tech.  It will be interesting to see myself transition in the next few years!


  4. --Lisa says:

    Apparently the US ends at Atlanta for Aquent. While Miami is not the Advertising hub that New York us, we do have many national agencies down here such as TSP.

  5. Pete Radloff says:

    They did a pretty accurate job on the DC listings, – maybe a 2-3k variable, but that’s not too shabby.  They could use some more criteria to search on, but that’s a nice launching off point. Thanks Heather!

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    eRock-I’m not making any comment about my salary, but I can tell you that I still eat my peanut butter regularly. I hear from lots of folks that move from tech to the business side…either within the sales cycle (tech evangelist) or tech product management.

    Lisa- I thikn they are regional. Perhaps when my buddy Tim, from Aquent, gets back frm vacation, he’ll address why that is.

    Pete-that’s pretty good!

  7. Simone says:

    That’s a great link! It’s good to see how the other 99% lives.

  8. Wine-Oh says:

    Having just finished my MBA for good last week and accepting a new position (more on that another time) all within 24 hours, and being a regular reader/contributor to Heather’s blog, I immediately went onto the Aquent site to see if the new salary was on target. Turns out it was and the position I took pays a little more. Nice to see I wasnt short changed for once.

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh yay! Good for you Wine-Oh! Congratulations! I’m sure your skills are worth every penny and then some!

  10. Jim S says:

    Cool it Simone. Not everybody is as fortunate as yourself.

  11. Kit says:

    The more you make the more you manage.

    Peanut butter & Jelly always my favorite too. There is something about it that you just do not get tire of it as fast as you do with other things.

    When I feel the urge to splurge and go to a realxing dinner then Sushi hits the spot.

    I looked at these some of these salary surveys and it seems to me like Microsoft really tries to be in the 75th percentile with the decent position.

    I think it is all relative to doing the research and knowing your worth and confidently asking for it when it comes to your interview. It is very important to like what you do though. Like you said — the money will come.

  12. Drea says:

    Tim’s still on vacation… seems like he’s been gone for ages. We’ve totally taken over his blog, I wonder if he’ll approve. Aquent is nationwide, but I really don’t know how the survey group selects people or regions to poll. But like any survey, you’ll want to take into consideration the sample size. Some locations have a better response rate than others so the data will be more credible. I think it makes for one interesting resource, but it’s by no means the only resource for salary info.

  13. Tim says:

    Heather, sorry it took so long to get back, you’d be surprised at the number of places you can visit that still have dial-up (my home, for instance).

    Sorry to hear Lisa was bummed about Miami. Our Director of Marketing told me the sample there was too small (as my cohort Drea suspected). Now that doesn’t mean Miami is a small market, no siree, just perhaps that they were all enjoying their mojitos instead of responding to the call from the AMA (we don’t do the polling, to keep it fair and square).

    And how nice of you to remember the blinking people from last year!

  14. HeatherLeigh says:


    Those blinking people haunt me : )

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