Things you should never say to a recruiter, part 2

You are actually going to interview me? But you're (just) the recruiter!

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  1. Scott Frye says:

    As someone that recently went thru a change of jobs….

    Depends on the recuriter.  If its a recruter that is an empolyee of the company, I agree, never say that.

    HOWEVER, if it is a recruiter from a recruitment agency then follow the statement with a laugh and hang up on them.  I never waste my time with recruitment companies that want to interview me in person.  If I’m leaving a company, I have a limited amount of time off to spend on interview and I only don’t waste that time with recruiters, only employers.  There are TOO many recruiters out there that just want your resume in their database so they can advertise to their REAL clients (hiring companies) that they have a database of X employees.  

    I understand this isn’t ALL recruiters, however when you have a finite number of days off to work with, you can’t afford to gamble them.  If a recruiter can’t get the information they need from over the phone, or after standard buisness hours, then I don’t consider them worth interviewing with.

  2. Wine-Oh says:

    This topic is more fun than the one about one’s last name matching their profession. 🙂

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Scott Frye- good point, I meant corporate recruiters. I would recommend being selective about what third party recruiters (agencies, headhunters..whatever you want to call them) to invest time in. If you ‘ve got a good one, I’d meet them in person. But I wouldn’t do it with just anyone. As for hanging up on them, I wouldn’t recommend it. You don’t have to send them all your resume, just tell them a little about your background and what you would be looking for so they can call you if that opportunity comes across their plate: "I’m not currently looking but if an X position comes up, I’d definitely be interested in hearing about it". I promise that there are some good headhunters out there, you just have to dig to find out who they are. Sounds like you have heard from some of the bad ones.

    Wine-Oh, it’s really just lazy blogging. Easy for me to toss these out and everyone can discuss. I like hearing what the readers have to say. People have different perspectives on why saying a certain thing may or may not be a good idea.  Gives me ideas for other posts too!

  4. Wine-Oh says:

    Actually I like it. Its a good sounding board and place to exchange ideas. Been very helpful to me. I could write a book (a funny one) on my interviews and the colorful people I have met along the way.

  5. eR0CK says:

    If I remember correctly, I was contacted by a third-party recruiter during the interview process for Microsoft.  It makes me cringe to think what would have happened if I hung-up on the recruiter and missed such an awesome experience!

    I certainly wouldn’t recommend hanging-up on any recruiters.  I’m usually working all day without phone service (near an AFB) and recruiters often leave messages on my phone here and there.  Normally I call back and tell them I’m not interested at the time, but if they have job "X", like Heather has said, I ask the recruiter to call me back.  Lastly, I normally get the company name they work for and the recruiter’s name.  It’s never bad to have too many contacts 🙂


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