Finally, an international launch page

In the past, when I've been contacted by international candidates interested in working at Microsoft, I had to give rather specific directions (go here and then click there and there) on how to use our career site to apply. It seems we were a US company with some overseas offices when in reality, we are an international company headquartered in the US.

Finally, with the introduction of our new launch page on, we've figured it out. Especially considering the size of overseas markets, the opportunities on those markets, our hiring in those markets...well, it's about time. First step on our career site, you select your location of interest. Oh my inner candidate experience monitor is rejoicing (he's very impatient).

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  1. Hey Heather.  Congrats on the launch of the Candidate Experience Improving

    With all the debate in the recruitment space over the .jobs TLD and whether or not it is just a money-maker for EmployMedia; SHRM and the registrars…do you have any insight as to why MS decided to go with a /careers instead of as the URL that they use to market to job seekers?

  2. robbie says:

    I really like the stock photography they use. It has a very personal feel to it.

  3. Well done Microsoft – a big leap forward.  Heather, your assessment was right – international jobs were previously very much presented as an afterthought.

    To respond to Shannon, all the stats I’ve seen (and as someone responsible for global careers sites I’ve seen a fair few) show that candidates are much more likely to type /careers than .jobs  

    Secondly there is a brand-related issue.  /careers is seen as the careers part of the .com; .jobs is at the same level as the main firm.  For a brand there is usually a need to have all stakeholder groups at the same level – so /careers works where you can also have /media, /investors etc.

  4. Bhaskar says:

    Current Career Page is better than the earlier one.More clear information and directions…!!

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hey Shannon, I’m not a decision maker in that regard but my thought would be that since it’s been /careers for so long and we could have a redirect off of .jobs, it would be better to keep as is than to make any changes and cause confusion. I haven’t really been very involved in the .jobs debate but I am still a bit skeptical as to whether it’s going to do what it says it’s going to do and whether candidates will care. In my mind, could be a tempest ina teapot. Anything we do on costs money (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you of all people that), so I’d bet that we would wait to see whether there’s market acceptance of .jobs and identify some concrete benefits we could gain before any work is done. But again, I’m just speaking from my prespective (and opinion). I’m not involved in our career site decisions at all. Good question.

    robbie- I’m hoping for more career marketing using real Microsoft employees.

    Andrew-thanks for the nice words about the site. I feel good when we get something like that needed improvement. I hadn’t thought about levels on the site…good catch.

    Bhaskar…thanks! I agree.

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