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For those of you that require pictures...

We don't need no stinkin' dog toys

Notice how the male of the species exhibits superior intelligence by holding the peanut butter jar

Yeah, we Hamiltons love our penaut butter. For anyone that is going to ask the questions, yes, he did indeed clean out the jar and yes his mom does think he's the smartest dog ever.

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  1. Jim S says:

    Thanks Heather! This should keep me preoccupied.

  2. Patblue says:

    As a concerned mother of the male of the species, you leave me wondering about the after effects of such an endeavor.  Without getting graphic, how many ‘walks’ does one have to take (or not take) after consuming so much PB?  Finn gets a little in his Kong toy every other day, but I would fear letting him go after the entire container.

  3. Andy says:

    What kind of dog is he?

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jim-that’s exactly what Jonas said!

    Patblue-you’re silly. I didn’t give him the whole jar. It was used up. He just got what was left sticking to the sides that I couldn’t get out with a knife. I shudder to imagine the after effects of a whole jar. Jonas doens’t get much people food. A piece of bread, some pasta or rice now and then and a little PB. That’s about it. Therefore, we don’t really have potty problems. Just the blandest of people food inthe smallest of quantities is OK.

    Andy-half black lab and half swiss mountain dog. He’s smart but aggressive toward other dogs.

  5. tod hilton says:

    Cute Heather, although I might have to argue the "smartest dog ever" comment. 😛

    By the way, regarding your comment "…but aggressive toward other dogs."  It’s a great thing that you recognize this. There are so many clueless dog owners out there that know nothing about their dog’s personality which leads to trouble at the vets office, in the park and basically anywhere out in public.

    My dobie was attacked by a German Shepherd when he was only 4 months old because the shepherd’s owner didn’t have a clue her dog was agressive. She was walking it into the vets office and he got away from her in the parking lot, attacked my dog and then she had the gall to stand there laughing about how they were ‘playing.’ My dobie was screaming and trying to get away from the other dog by running under our truck. Our dog even needed stiches and the lady never apologized!

    Hmm, I guess I still feel strongly about that scene…8 years later. 🙂 Anyway, I’m always glad to see/read about a conscientious dog owner.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    tod-poor dobie! Jonas’s first run-in was with my dad’s dogs after I first got him. All were closely supervised and controlled but I knew I had a problem. I think it’s part breed, part previous living situations (Jonas was an adult when I got him and had 2 separate owners prior to me) and part that he’s very focused on mom, which makes him protective.

    I’ve taken him to Marymoor but we go to the park, not the off-leash area. And unfortunately, other dog owners let their dogs off-leash in areas they shouldn’t. My dad took him once so we could determine how much of the issue was protectiveness. I also took him toa few training sessions so I could understand the issue more and control him on those rare occassions where we see other dogs.

    Current status is that we play in the backyard instead of going to Marymoor, when I board him he goes in the aggressive dog wing of paradise pet lodge (you think I’m joking? I’m not) and when we go to the vet, I remind them about his issue and I don’t walk him in unless the coast is clear. Also, we have a training collar that I don’t like to use but will if I know we will be around other dogs and there could be a control issue.

    My perspective is that Jonas (because he needed to go to an adult home) was not likely going to be picked up by another family at the Humane Society and him needing me was part of the reason I knew he was mine. So when I got him, I was committed to making it work. It took me a while to get over the owners guilt of not being able to go to Marymoor (not to mention the jealousy), but that’s just where we are at.

    Not that you asked about any of this…see what happens when I start to talk about my baby?

    PS: I don’t blame you about feeling strongly about the situation. Same happened to my dad’s dog and the people (who they knew) didn’t offer to pay the vet bill. My dad sent it to them anyway.

  7. tod hilton says:

    That’s my point…you took the time to get to know your dog and his limitations. Good for you!

    And good for your dad (re: sending the vet bill)!

    By the way, dogs are very prominent in my family which is why I have strong opinions about the subject. My dad & step-mom have been breeding & showing labradors for about 15 years while my sister-in-law has been breeding & showing dobermans for almost 20! My sister-in-law has also been an obedience trainer (all breeds) for about 15 years AND she has been a vet technician at a clinic in Lake Stevens for 22 years. Needless to say, we’re all pretty dog friendly. 🙂

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    tod-I love hearing about dog friendly folks. We are big on dogs as well, but more in the direction of the Humane Society. My dad and step-mom have two dogs (and had 2 before that), all from the Human Society and there’s a kennel in honor of one of their deceased dogs at the Tacoma chapter. I didn’t even consider buying a dog, knowing that some needed homes and I could rescue one. I keep reminding Jonas that he was a bargain.

  9. Patblue says:

    After reading the posts, I admire your commitment to rescue HH.  We all have our convictions and yours is admirable.  I have been socializing the heck out of Finn so that I don’t run into the aggression thing as he gets older :-).


  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Patblue- part of it is recure, part is a love of mutts. The fact that it’s cheap is just an extra benefit ; )

    I’m sure the little Finnster is going to be fine. The fact that you are even thinking about socializing bodes well.

  11. Wine-Oh says:

    Looks like Jonas could use a little doggie pedicure. 🙂

    Socializing a dog is key, and best to start at an early age. i started puppy kindergarten with my black lab at 10 weeks, and to this day 10 years later she is incredibly social. Makes life easier.

  12. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh, oh yes, he’s had his nails clipped since then. I always get him back from the boarding place well-groomed.

    I’m a little jealous of people with well-socialized dogs.

  13. Wine-Oh says:

    Shes well socialized and will go through her bag of tricks for other people. When its just me and her she can be a giant (but cute) brat in the house. She will only sit if you give her a treat. If you open the fridge she expects something for her.  

    For instance yesterday my brother came over and brought breakfast with him which consisted of an egg and cheese on a bagel. My dog sat there staring at him salivating, making sounds to get his attention, and giving that look of "you know you want to share it." I dont give my dog table food of any kind (except the occasional piece of cheese). But she was determined to have this bagel.

    All in all shes an awesome dog. On the nail clipping side of things, Ive never clipped her nails. Living in NYC she walks on cement vs. grass, so they file down on their own.

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh, If someone were talling me to sit, I’d demand a treat too. Luckily, Jonas does not beg for food. He’ll make eye contact but no nudging or noise.

    Jonas won’t let me clip his nails. So it’s an added benefvit of traveling to have the groomer do it. It’s so awesome to pick him up because he’s fluffy and sweet smelling and soooo excited to see me.

  15. Wine-Oh says:

    You have a good point about the treat. Its like "Whats in it for me?" Dogs are very intuitive.

    While I hate boarding my dog (named Phoebe), its great to pick her up all clean and smelling nice. I cant bathe her myself. Even though she loves to swim, she does not like the bathtub. So its worth the extra $$$ to have someone else do it.

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