You, you, you ought to know

From Seth Godin:

Ten things programmers might want to know about marketers.

Nine things marketers ought to know about sales people

I'm going to resist the urge to over-analyze the reasons why programmers "might want" to know about marketing, but marketing "ought" to know about sales. OK? I'm still mildly amused when the tech versus marketing dynamic sounds like a fight for who is getting more cake.

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  1. Wine-Oh says:

    Too funny. As a marketing person who deals with sales people a lot, I find that I have had to in the past deal with situations such as un-promising some things the over zealous sales person promised in order to close the deal. Then I look like the bad guy. Not a fun situation. Some of the things promised hadnt even been invented yet. This one sales person in particular could sell you your own shoes off your feet. Personally I am turned off by these types of sleak sales people (and those who work at Best Buy) who only care about closing the deal and not the after sale. /End rant.

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