Rock Star: Supernova

Can you feel it? I think you can.

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    I thought I was feeling it, but then it told me I was using the wrong browser.  🙁  Now it’s suing me for harrassment.

    Actually, the thing that I keep thinking whenever I see these cross-media promotions is how much I hate being stuck in a web browser.  I love using MSN Messenger.  I tolerate Windows Media Player when I need it.  But why oh why am I stuck in a web browser to enjoy online media?

    I dunno.  Once we thought the browser was going to be the next platform.  Then the web was the platform.  (psst.  The services are the platform.)

    Maybe Alex Barnett’s blog would be a better place to bug you guys about this… 🙂

    Backstage passes to Tommy Lee’s offstage life sounds interesting, though.

  2. Michael says:

    So wait, you watch this but not American Idol????

  3. RJD says:

    Yawn.  Somehow I just don’t care about Tommy Lee, What’s-His-Name, or The Other Guy (even though I do like all their original bands).  INXS was great, but this season just doesn’t have the same appeal.  Dave Navarro is a far better guitarist than he is show host (hopefully "spot on" has been removed from his vocabulary this season), and Brooke Burke should stick to FHM or Maxim covers.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Lauren-yeah, bug Alex. I have no direct insight into how browser/platform decisions are made.

    Tommy Lee should make it interesting. He is, at once, both bizarre and interestingly articulate. I love him and I don’t. I predict that Sebastian Bach is going to annoy the heck out of him (even Sebastian’s character on the Gilmore Girls bugs).

    Michael-that’s right. On Supernova: no fake auditions to make my eardrums bleed. No annoying Simon versus Paula sniping. No insultingly obvious coke product placement. No country/bubble-gum pop music. The judges are actual musicians who are inviting someone to be in a band. The talent level is higher. Oh yeah…Supernova: yes! American Idol: boo!

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    RJD- I agree with you on Brooke. She’s very pretty (and granted, I’m not her target audience), but I’m not feeling the personality. I find something about dave intriguing though. He’s masculine and feminine, he’s rock and roll but seemingly very sweet. He is not a geat orator, though…you are right.

    I think that one of the things that wall make it interesting is that this wasn’t an existing band missing a beloved singer. It’s a bunch of known musicians coming together to build a band. I look forward to the dueling egos.

    Last time did you care about INXS? Once Michael died, I stopped caring (probably even before that to tell the truth). I thought some of the fun was how canned and cheesy some of the INXS guys were. Kind of trying to retain their cool factor well after their heyday.

    Anyway, the bulk of the show is about the contestants. So to some extent, they are the big stars. Can’t wait to see who they have and sit on my couch at home and say "I can sing better than you!" (to a very few of course).

  6. Tim says:

    Heather, please tell your company to stop trying to trick me into watching TV. It may be on my computer, but it still qualifies as TV.

    Yours in <a href="">Neo-Luddism</a&gt;, Tim</p>

  7. RJD says:

    I guess I should say I once cared about INXS.  Great date music back in the day, and the new stuff is very good, so I guess I care again.

    How does Sebastian Bach figure in here?  Is he on the show somehow?  I haven’t seen him in the promos.  He is on the VH1 show Super Group with Ted Nugent.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tim-we are officially sorry : )

    RJD-maybe I am getting my shows mixed up. I was abut to say that maybe I should pay more attention to the TV, but that doesn’t sound right. Wishful thinking perhaps.

  9. Melissa Smith says:

    Why did you use Brooke Burke again?  I agree, she should stick to half naked photo’s.  It’s the only thing she’s good at.  I don’t feel the "rock star" atmoshphere with her.  Horrible host!!

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Melissa, I agree.

    Did anyone watch last night? Some observations…

    Many of the contestants were *really* bad. Hopefully it was just nerves. The guy who sang "Yellow" (a song I like but not for a rock band competition) should have been shown the door for picking it, especially since he didn’t sing it well (and that haircut! Am I getting old or what?). Did anyone else notice them laughing at the ex-baseball guy. The judges are going to be snarky. I could also tell they didn’t like the gal that sang the Janice Joplin song (she sounded very college band-y).

    I LOVED the gal from Africa as well as the one from Puerto Rico and the one who sang the jefferson Airplane song. Did anyone else think that last guy looks like Chaka from Land of the Lost? Am I old? Did I already ask you that?

  11. Paula Guidry says:

    Hey, RJD, Tommy Lee, What’s-His-Name and The Other Guy are only 3 of the best money making rockers of all time…catch up…you don’t like them but say INXS was great!?!?!  Hello????

    HeatherLeigh, U R funny!!!  Oh and by the way, "the one who sang the Jefferson Airplane song" is Patrice Pike from Austin, Texas, I play her songs on the radio in Houston…very talented just like all of the 15 contestants who won a spot over 25,000 other contestants to be on television and be made fun of by people….I call it some damn good entertainment, whether Brooke can host or not.

  12. HeatherLeigh says:

    Paula-I agree with you! Great entertainment and there is a certain braveness required to do a show where people like me are going to evaluate your every move. Can’t say I was surprised that the guy with the Bay City Rollers haircut was voted off last night. They told him he needed to rock after "Yellow" and he gave then Duran Duran. Huh? Chris is next. Then Ryan Star, I predict. We’ll see.

    I’m liking Phil better now. I don’t think he has one of the strongest voices there but his personality is great.

    I have to say I’m kind of over the "15 best singers in the world" thing.  Good for them for beating out 25,000 people but I know people that can sing better than some of those folks. I’m not saying it’s me, but I can do a pretty awesome redition of Free Man in Paris in the shower. I think they all feel the need to sell themselves to some extent but it could turn the audience off (I don’t think Chris did himself any favors last night with that comment).

    Anyway…Paula, you and I can root for Patrice, right?

  13. jaosn says:

    i dont know man american idol is so lame with that pop star crap the music on that show sucks.

    rock star is great the singers will come around once there nerves settle down

    i cant stand the boot off show they drag it out. its so cheese. they had a huge shot to knock out american idol but they had to go with the same crap in the boot off show.

    please producers stop being cheesey crap flingers

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    funny. I agree they could seriously shorten up the boot off show. I’d like to see more of the drama in the house. I thikn initially you might want to hear them sing a bit more before you kick them off but after a while, it will be more clear who needs to go

  15. Anna says:

    I thought Magni from Iceland was GREAT…

    He is so genuine and I just loved him.. sooo hot.

  16. Electric Eye says:

    If these "singers" are "the world’s greatest unsigned rockers" and "the best of the best" like "just stand there and look pretty" Brooke tells us, she’s either delusional or hyping a group of second stringers and a show that are in dire need of serious HYPE.  I believe it’s the latter.  The bottom three "performers" were (to put it diplomatically) amateurish at the very best. The Duran Duranie was utterly clueless, his fellow tail enders are tone deaf and have zero concept of vocal dynamics. Even the rent an audience was visably uncomfortable listening to them.  The "Rebel Yell" guy…honestly, he looks like he should have been cast as an Oompa Loompa.  "Best of the best"? Well at least we’re seeing why they’re unsigned.

  17. Laurie says:

    I agree with the bloggers of July 7th about the boot-off show.  I think if the producers were going to leave it the two-night format with the second night bootin’ people off that at least for the FIRST show they should have booted off the bottom three.  Then resume to the normal routine of one singer boot-off per week.  Just a suggestion.

  18. HeatherLeigh says:

    Anna- wow, we have different tastes, girl! That’s OK, the heart wants what it wants…or something like that. I hope Kaysar wins…oh wait…different show.

    Electric Eye- Youch! ; ) If Brooke uses the word "rockers" to describe the contestants one more time I am going to hurl. I was shocked that they liked the Rebel Yell guy. He sounded a little "pitchy" to me too. And his look doesn’t work for me.

    Laurie-that would speed things along!

    I’m going with Delana and Patrice. Delana is very interesting if she can keep it up without it getting old she’s a shoo-in.  None of the guys impressed me that much this year. I thikn the gals have it.

  19. superstar says:

    magni from iceland rocks,, he is the best in this show

  20. dave says:

    what do you think of magni the guy from iceland

  21. HeatherLeigh says:

    What? Did the Magni fan club just show up? : )

    I thought that his performance was average compared to the others. I found many of the performances "pitchy" (love that word), either because the singers were off key or trying to strain beyond their range. Also, because it’s rock, I think some of them try to power through with their voces so you don’t get a clear sense of whether the voice is actually good because all it sounds is loud.

    I’m no expert. I sang choir, and some solos, when I was a kid but nothing since then. I guess my ear is discerning when it comes to pitch but I can’t read music to save my life. I guess i just know what I like and I know what is off-key. And there were a lot of missed notes on RS:S.

  22. Annika says:

    I think the Icelandic hunk Magni is simply gorgeous!  Hope he’ll win!

  23. KJ says:

    I think Dave Navarro is creepy and slimy and thinks he’s a lot better looking than he actually is.

  24. Ray says:

    l am supporting the Australian entry. Toby Rand.  He will last till the final few rounds at least.   l may be prejudice as l am an aussie.

  25. HeatherLeigh says:

    Annika-OK, we get it. Iceland in the house.

    KJ-I bet you are a guy.

    Ray- you may be right. He was one of the better singers, I thought. Though it’s always hard to tell so early on.

  26. Anthony says:


  27. Uncle Buck says:

    Is it just me, or does Lukas Rossi remind you of Eddie Munster?

  28. HeatherLeigh says:

    Uncle Buck-I was thinking Chakka from Land of the Lost, which is Ron Howard’s brother…I forget his name. But I can see the Eddie Munster thing too. I thought he sang better last night but I just can’t get into the eyeshadow and the stage persona. That snarly thing worked great for Billy Idol, but it doesn’t look right on Lukas. Wouldn’t look right on me either by the way.

  29. Aníta says:

    Hi i whant Magni to WINN!!! im from iceland and it be grate if he will winn! see someone from iceland get so far in music:D (p.s hes got the most beautiful voice,, if u have lime wire u can download his songs in iceland undre the name [ á móti sól ] the song [rangur maður], [traustur vinur], [drottningar] they are grate:D

  30. Steve says:

    Overall, this year’s cast is a letdown.  All but maybe 3 or 4 of them are absolutely better suited for American Idol than for a show to find a rock star.  How do you audition for this group, with members from GNR, Metallica & the Crue, and sing freaking Duran Duran???  Or not even be familiar with their music???  Zayra & Chris stink.  Josh & Phil should stick to Maroon 5 or Hoobastank.  Even the best on this show- Lukas, Toby, Dilana, Magni, Ryan and Storm- need to rock harder to justify being picked for this band.  The show’s producers picked a lame lineup of contestants and have given them lame songs to choose from.

  31. HeatherLeigh says:

    Steve-I’ll agree with you that this year’s contestants aren’t great. But I think I recall warmingup to sme of last year’s contestants over time.

    The Duran Duran choice was unfathomable. Just shocking in it’s stupidity. I’m sorry, I am sure he’s a nice person but that was not smart.

    I think Phil could do Maroon 5 but Josh is all Backstreet., baby.

    I thought Zayra was interesting on the first show but her "diapers" comment was annoying. And she needs to change it up to stay in the game.

    Lukas kind of annoyed me with his comments and his Billy Idol imitation. Toby is good and could win but he’s not at all edgy. Dilana was interesting but the staring into the camera thing will officially get old if she does it again. Her version of Ring of Fire (one of my alltime favorite songs) was great though. Magni…eh. He needs to work harder to win me over. Sorry Iceland..I still love the Sugarcubes. I don’t think Ryan has a strong voice and Storm needs to stop acting goofy (goofy does not equal stage presence).

    Right now, money is on Dilana, Toby or Lukas. I’d be OK with the first two. I can’t get over the attitide of the last one.

    My question is whether Chris, Jill or Zayra go tonight. All 3 will go soon (oh the look on Jill’s face after the judges gave their opinion of her performance last night…sure you weren’t trying to be like Courtney Love….Sure!). And this is why I would never be a pro performer…too humiliating!

    I’m glad you showed up Steve. I needed someone to chat with about this today that wasn’t all "I <3 Magni!"

  32. Electric Eye says:

    The "Storm" girl was simply musical theatre, utter cheeseball. Not the cool, Alice Cooper/ Marilyn Manson/David Bowie musical theatre but the lame "Tomorrow…Tomorrow" kind of musical theatre.  I’ll grant the "pierced up chick" props for a creative arrangement  on a Johnny Cash song but she’s kind of "disturbing" and not in a cool way,  honestly, her "goth chick/angry chick" thing is a little awkward to watch. The Zarya girl is a non event. She sings with an accent and has no clue what is going on..none. Actually that last assessment pretty much sums up at least a dozen of the "contestants", they are clueless. I can’t blame some of them actually, most of the ones in their early 20’s simply have no idea where Lee, Newstead and Clarke are coming from musically or performance wise. These kids were weaned on Nirvana, the current "label hired stylist dominated screamo non-sense" and the anti-rock" of the 90’s as a template for rock performance and it shows up very clearly. They were robbed of what real rock performance is about.  The bright side…in the real world there’s a new crop of  20 somethings coming through that are very much clued in as to what rock and roll is really about.  TV talent quests aren’t part of their deal. Bottom line, Tommy Lee is booked in for a tour with Aerosmith later this year..contractual obligations aside, "Supernova"..(I still laugh when the rent a crowd cheers for a band they’ve never heard)..will release one album..that’s it, it may (or may not) sell a quick burst but nothing "long term", they are booked for some select shows and then…Lee leaves, Clarke and Newstead find viable musical projects, the novelty "singer"…disappears  and the album…sale bin oblivion…no doubt at all.  I think most people (I tune in and out depending on what I’m doing) view this show for trainwreck value, like when you slow down to see an accident on the freeway.

  33. Skeeter says:

    I always thought the bottom three were trying to redeem themselves with the song they would perform on the cast off show.  You can’t seriously say Zayras’ attempt to stay alive was so much better than Chris’ that she’s in and he’s out!!  What a joke!

  34. HeatherLeigh says:

    Electric Eye-that’s funny…I had just commented to someone that it seemed like she was in "Annie" (the faced, the pigtails)

    Agree that Dilana needs to do something different. Being weird isn’t a performance. It’s great for a few songs but then the novelty wears off.

    I think Zarya kind of falls ino the same camp…a little weird with teh arm movements and disregard for melody. The only reason she is still there is because Chris doesn’t have a range, has limited stage presence and can’t carry a tune well. I feel a little sorry for him because he really does have an unrealistic view of his talent.

    I also agree that there’s no long-term expectations for SuperNova. Clearly a side-project for these guys. Damn Yankees…anyone else remember? All the "rockers" get some more visibility…that’s about it. The idea that some of them didn’t memorize the albums of Tommy, Gilby and the other guy is a little chocking. It’s a job interview…they should have prepared.

    Skeeter-I think Zayra knew that Chris was out no matter what. She may also have an unrealistic view of her talent level (she seems to have something against the concept of melody), but I think there was no doubt that Chris was the one who was going.

    Also,anyone else think Jill did great last night?

  35. skeeter says:

    Yes I agree Jill sang great last night.  Strong vocals on that girl, for sure!  Does anyone think the rockers know who is going to be leaving? Or is just purely speculation?I think the guys in the band must also realize that almost everyone will be in the bottom three at some point.  Maybe they’re not too sure of what they want or need!!  I totally agree the last years inxs cast far outweighs this years cast.  Maybe the guys had one too many of something when they made their choice from 25000 auditions!  

  36. HeatherLeigh says:

    I think they selected some of the contestants for drama, not talent. If you go over to the MSN site you can watch some of the goings-on in the house and in rehearsal. the house bands comments on some of the singers which I found interesting.

    Just in case someone accidently came here and didn’t know I work for Microsoft, of which MSN is a division, I’m telling  you now so you don’t accuse me of hiding that fact when I point you there. But go to the site for the extra video footage.

  37. HKruger says:

    Zayra is so annoying! I think the only reason they keep her around is because they get a kick out of someone humiliating themselves. She is a trainwreck! After she mad the diaper comment I would have kicked her off. Like they are going to want to hang out on tour with a geek like her.

  38. RockstarWatcher says:

    Zayra staying on the show totally disrupted their official forums. Many were banned and their posts deleted and they spent most of last week trying to regain control of the dedicated fans at that official forum and rounding it up.

    It was really bad. BAD.

  39. HeatherLeigh says:

    HKruger and RockstarWatcher- I think that Chris was bad enough to kick off. I mean, Zayra and Chris were both bad, but at least she was interesting. Hey, it’s early in the competition…I can think of lots of people that need to go. There are several contestants that I am sure the band has no intention of selecting. But you can’t vote everyone off the first week or there would be no show. On the other hand, Idid fantasize abuot them doing a double elimination last week like they did that one time last year.

  40. skeeter says:

    Hello everyone.  I was a little surprised that Supernova kept  Dana on.  I guess they felt she needed more exposure to this world to try to help her develop a more viable skill.  I am not so surprised Jenny went so much as she even made it there.  I live in the Vancouver area, and I find it amazing that she was the best talent they could come up with.  I’m not trying to totally dis her, but for how they seem to portray themselves, she was a stretch, I think.  Oh well, another one bites the dust!  I am opening my eyes and ears more to Magni, I have to admit.

  41. HeatherLeigh says:

    Dana has a great voice. She’ll be cut eventually, but Jenny had to go. Her voice was not strong at all and her stage presence was lacking. Definitely more suited to the coffee house.

    I can’t believe that the Metallica guy told Josh that he didn’t know why he was in the bottom 3! Because Josh sang out of his nose….because his style is boy band…because his range is lacking.

    I thought Ryan Star should have been in the bottom 3 instead of Dana. Let’s get rid of the people without good voices so we don’t have to listen to them sing for the rest of the season.

  42. skeeter says:

    Hi again!  Could you believe Dave Navarro’s cocky answer to Patrice?  I think she had a legit question that deserved a better answer than that.  Wonder who will be leaving tonight?  I’ll put a bet on Phil for the fun of it.

  43. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hey skeeter-I forgot her question. I did think they were overly harsh with her.

    Oh Phil and the head wobbling thing with the eyes cast aside. I have to admit that I still have a crush in him despite the fact that I am old enough to be his auntie.

    I thought that some of the previous poor performers did really great last night. Dana rocked it. Ryan star did well, I thought Jill did well.

    I want them to come down on Lukas for his constant Billy Idol impression. Also, I honestly can’t take any more Josh. I’m sure he’s a nice person and stuff. Toby is too vanilla.

    It’s really a toss up. My bottom 3 are Josh, Zayra (but I loves the outfit..she’s bold!) and Phil.  I hope it’s one of the first two. it’s possible that Jill will get tossed in there. I think they will give Phil another chance because they like him. They also seem to like Josh. I predict they vote off Zayra.

  44. Electric Eye. says:

    Ummm, I think you guys have all overlooked a very important detail…when "Supernova" played their demos so that the clueless could finally get a clue in the crop of "the world’s best unsigned rockers", it sounded very second rate, certainly less than stellar for  "Supernova". Think about it, Lee, Clarke and Newstead were not the main songwriters in their respective bands. Hell, Clarke only toured with GnR and played on the Spaghetti Incident EP (granted he wrote the material in his previous bands but have any of you guys heard of them?..nope thought not).  Tommy Lee is the closest thing resembling a songwriter they have (not promising when your drummer is the most successful songwriter..ok Phil Collins is an exception).  Not even Superman is going to avert this trainwreck…

  45. HeatherLeigh says:

    Electronic Eye-I don’t think we overlooked anything. I’m enjoying watching the trainwreck. I don’t think anyone here (tell me if I’m wrong) thinks this is going to be some kind of super group..just entertainment, that’s all. It’s for a TV show.

  46. Electric Eye says:

    So we both have that mental image of the Hindenburg when anticipating these "artists" come together for our listening pleasure? And I’m not talking about Led Zeppelin….

  47. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh yeah…I’m with you on that. I’m waiting for the writhing on the floor and foot stomping that Lukas is going to so when he gets kicked off. I actually think Gilby is pretty brilliant but Tommy is overexposed (cough cough) and shows off forthe camera and I don’t know that other guy.

    The thing that makes this season really rock, so to speak, is the total disconnect between the "rockers’" self image and their actual talent level. At least for most of them (Josh, Lukas, Ryan).

    The only way this could become any more of a guilty pleasure for me is of someone hands me a bag of Doritos, a bottle of chsseze whiz and some red bull. I want the people that are good to win because they want to win, not because Supernova is going to be great.

  48. skeeter says:

    O.K.  I see now for sure the crush that Jason Newstead has on Zayara is so huge that we have to tolerate yet another performance by her. Of course I understand someone else from Supernova has to keep her in, too.  At least when she comes on I can flip channels to catch a bit of Last Comic Standing!!  Lukas,a.k.a. Billy Idol needs to really listen to the voice coaching he received.  I still think he might pull this one off, but even I have to admit I have trouble hearing what he is singing.  I am really starting to think Supernova wants a female front woman, though.

  49. HeatherLeigh says:

    skeeter-Storm could be good if she stops making weird faces when she sings.

    I really want to know who else is keeping Zayra in as well. They should disclose that at some point.

  50. Electric Eye says:

    Oh come on Heatherleigh.  That Storm girl is a self serving and so. Her cheap shot, "wink" google me, self promoting plug is pretty much what she’s all about. Some nudie cutie shots, musical theatre/acting (gosh, what  surprise) and a non-event rock band/self promotion vehice….at least the "pierced up chick" tries to be what the show requires. Oh by the way, I’m Aussie myself and that Aussie guy on there is laying the " ‘struth, ‘ow ya goin’ mate" stuff on really thick….is he wrestling a crocodile next week? …lol.

  51. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hey, I’m not saying I would pick her, just that Supernova might. If it were up to me, we’d just get Marty back from last season.

    I can tell the Aussie guy is laying it on…it’s part of his "character". I’ve known enough Aussies to know that "mate" doesn’t go on the end of every sentence.  He wants to stand out, which may not be a bad strategy because his stage performances aren’t that interesting.

  52. skeeter says:

    Hey, HeatherLeigh, funny you should mention someone from last years Rock Star!  I thought of Ty fronting the band!!  Or even Chris Daughtry from American Idol, once he has done his obligatory tour with that show!  Great minds…….

  53. HeatherLeigh says:

    skeeter-I think Ty was kind of broadway too, though.

  54. Electric Eye says:

    Heatherleigh, allow me to be the first…..Burt Ward called the Rockstar production offices…he asked them to instruct  Zayra  to return his Robin outfit immediately. At least the mystery of why she’s still there is solved…it’s for comedic value.

  55. skeeter says:

    Hello!  So, who is leaving tonight?  Somehow I’m sure it won’t be Zayara.  Lukas really blew this one, though.  I think I’m going to jump my Lukas ship and get on board with Dilana.  As harsh as I think her voice is, I find her hauntingly entertaining.  Any thoughts out there?

  56. Jackson says:

    Pretty sure storm large has the most fans. Out of all the rockers i’ve searched the net for, Storm was the only one with a fansite lol – – I’d like to see her win!

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