Time for a change…

suddenly, I hate the title of my blog. Every time I see someone link, I wonder what they thought as they typed it out, with the quotation marks...zzzzzzz.

Anyhoo, I'm feeling sassy and I am changing the name of my blog. Suggestions?

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  1. Alex Barnett says:

    "Heather’s unMarketing at Microsoft"


  2. Wine-Oh says:

    This is a good lesson in marketing…

    Here are my ideas:

    "The Daily Ham"

    "Ham I Am"

    "Marketing Matters"

    "Blog This!"

    "Truth, Justice and The Microsoft Way"

    "From Where I Sit"

    "Jonas’s Mom’s Blog"

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Alex…Hmm, "unMarketing"…definitely goes with my "I am not a marketer" thing ; )

    WIne-Oh…definitely nothing with "ham"…oh I am gagging. Least favorite food.

  4. Paul Roub says:

    Microsoft(R) Web Log For Marketing(TM) 2007, Enterprise Edition

  5. Nathan_S says:

    Heather Hamilton’s Insight…Microsoft,Marketing,Recruiting

    I’m kind of tired of hearing the word "Blog". Everything and everyone has a "Blog". I’m going for "Insight" or "In-Sight" as the new word for Blog. For example: Did you read my ‘In-sight’ today? or I have an ‘In-sight’ page at http://www….@….com

    But I guess its important to have the word "Blog" in there for when people search for Blogs.

    Anyway, that’s my 2cents..

    Nathan S.

    Hope that Helps a little

  6. Russ says:

    The Way It is….

  7. Wine-Oh says:

    Sorry couldnt resist. Its my least favorite food too.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Paul…that’s awesome. I love it. Definitely the front-runner! The subtitle could be "free snark inside!"

    All these recommendations are helping.

  9. Skip says:

    How ’bout…

    Heather’s Hot Tips, Pointers, and Well ‘Rounded Observations:

    Heavenly Heather:

    Healthy Heather:

    Heather’s Haven:

    Heather’s Helping Hand:

    @ Home w/ Heather:

    Heather’s How ‘Bout It

    🙂 I could just go on-and-on… but I’ll spare ya 🙂

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Skip- pretty funny.

  11. Wine-Oh says:

    The Heather Hamilton Show

  12. A few popped into my head:

    HEATHERS – like the movie from the 80s


    Mad Heather Beyond Thunderdome

    You’ve been Heathered


    HeatherNa8ion – then everyone can mispell your blog like they do ours 🙂

  13. Melvin Ram says:

    – Heather Free-Flowing

    – Ms. Real 2007 lol

    – Heather’s Tabs

    – Heather Ponders Out Load

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    Shannon…hmm, you made me think of one of my favorite movie lined ever that could be the name of this blog: "What’s your damage, Heather?"

    Now I need som BQ corn nuts immediately. ; )

    Melvin- freudian slip on your last one…are you telling me what I say is a load? Haha! : )

  15. Super Fantastic Happy Family Fun Time Heather Blog

    I’ve always secretly been bothered by your blog title. 😛

    Keep it simple.  The danger in overthinking it is that it’s gonna end up weird.  Someone more wise than I would tell you that your brand is you, not your blog title, so don’t sweat it.

  16. Frank Shaw says:

    The Connecting Post

  17. James Reiner says:

    Heather’s Marketing Flow is in Town

    HH Kiss Kiss

    Marketing People 101 with Heather

    Heather Hamilton: Seattle Weather has effected me so

    Heather Hamilton: It must be a dead animal in the crawlspace

  18. Erno says:

    How about:

    Getting the job…


    Time for a change

  19. Gautam says:

    Here are some of my suggestions:

    Heather’s take on Recruiting and Marketing at Microsoft

    Recruiting for Msft Marketing – The Heather way

    Marketing and Recruiting – The Msft overlap

    Marketing, Recruiting and other interests

    Gaah ….none of them sound ok…bad time for me I guess

  20. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, brainstorming is good. : )

    (Scott, it’s secretly always bothered me too).

    Maybe "Heather Hamilton: gagging at the thought of ham and sniffing stinky sponges" Hmm, I guess that’s not marketing related.

    James-my mom is going to love the "something dead in the crawlspace" one.

    I think what I am looking for is something that represents the sometimes focus on marketing/recruiting but is also a little funny.

  21. Wine-Oh says:

    Heather’s Blog-a-rama!

    Heather’s Blaahhg! (ok if you are a pirate)

    Heather’s Marketing Low Down

    Reality Bytes

  22. Jonathan says:

    Here are my ideas:

    1) Marketing and Recruiter’s Boot Camp (Your daily workout for selling yourself and your company)

    2) Steal This Marketing and Recruiting Blog V.1

    3) Where In the World is Heather Hamilton?

    4) M.A.R.K.E.T.Y.O.U. (Marketing And Recruiting Keeps Everything Together You Offer U)

    5) Recruiters and Job Seekers Boot Camp

    6) Marketing, Recruiting and Other Ponderings

  23. HeatherLeigh says:

    "Dude, where’s my marketing blog?"

  24. HeatherLeigh says:

    Heather’s marketing blog. Now with zero grams net carbs!

  25. Wine-Oh says:

    Heres a thought.

    Change it once a month. Ive seen people change the mast head on theirs every month. Each month can have a different theme to it.

  26. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh…you mean I’d have to be witty once a month? One of my favorite bloggers, Heather Armstrong, changes hers regularly. Coincidently, her maiden name is Hamilton and I found her blog during a temporary bout with internet egomania. But she’s way more funny than me. I’m not sure if I can be funny on demand.

    Hmm, I’m thinking of just taking one of the recommendations, sticking it up there and seeing how people react. Of course, I won’t change any of the graphics without technical help…mostly because I know the limits of my skills.

  27. Ben says:

    "Marketing Blog by Heather"

    or "Heather Hamilton’s Marketing Blob"

    or "About Marketing by Heather"

    No need to include Microsft in the title. People will soon figure it out. Actually, very soon ;).

  28. Wine-Oh says:

    I think your funny without trying too hard, which is a good quality to have. You are just being yourself. Sometimes I feel people arent themselves on their blog for the sake of blogging.

    You dont have to change the whole thing. Just the text, maybe the pic if you find a funny one. From this post alone it looks like you have a years worth of titles to bank on. I dont think you have had this many responses since your posting on asking people whats in a name and its correlation to a job. (I wont go there now with specific examples from that post)

    You can run a contest each month and have your viewers pick a name. Gets into the whole spiral marketing aspect of how to drive people to your site. Throw in some free MSN tshirts and you will build a loyal audience.

  29. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ben- good ones. I think you meant "blog" instead of "blob", but I have to admit that using "blob" in the title might achieve the required funniness.

    Wine-Oh, yeah, you need to stay away from the name/job topic…hah! I’m not sure I am going to have time to do the contest thing but I like the idea.

  30. Paul Pajo says:

    Heather’s "Marketing at Microsoft" Blog or

    Heather’s "M@M" Blog

    – why fix what’s not broken?

  31. MattPedigo says:

    Hey…(That’s what people yell when they think they have a great idea but not really).

    To add to Wine-Oh’s great suggestion, "Heather Hamilton’s Name My Blog Contest! Blog" or a derivative of same.

  32. Paul says:

    As Scott wisely pointed out, your brand is you.  But your title should encapsulate or express something about the brand that is you.  There are a few good choices already listed, but I might also try to say something about your personality and your tendency to strong opinions.

    Sass n Brass

    Snark, Inc.

    Search Me

    This Space for Rent

    Heather’s Authentic Microsoft Marketing Conversations

    The Microsoftie

    Dont’ You Wish You Worked Here Too?

    Heather’s Inside Secrets to Getting Recruited by Microsoft

    Join us, Resistance is Futile

    And now for something completely different . . .

    This blog’s for you

    or, you could go all software mathie like and make a totally inside reference, e.g.:

    The Hamiltonian


    The Hamiltonian Cycle

    see: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/HamiltonianCircuit.html

    Have fun with it.

  33. HeatherLeigh says:

    Paul-you are getting at what I am looking for. The personality thing is important. And I like to think I am funny sometimes…I may be alone in that thought.

    So I can do a title and then a little blurb underneath. I don’t want to go too heavy on the recruiting aspect because I want my audience to include non-job-seeking marketers (with the thought that I can win them over to Microsoft). Plus, I find the assumption that everyone wants to work here to be a level of arrogance that I can’t deal with. So I can’t do the "wish you worked here" thing.

    That’s why I’m partial to Paul Roub’s recommendation. It has a sense of humor (self-critical at that), it has a marketing aspect and it’s Microsoft relevant. Also, Shannon’s recommendation "You’ve been Heathered" is kind of growing on me…don’t ya kind of wonder what "being Heathered is all about?" It definitely involves something snarky for sure!

    No math (please no math!), but pop culture references would be OK. I’m also willing to poke fun at myself as long as it’s not too painful a subject ; )

    And yes, I need a new picture (or else I need to stop changing my hair color)

  34. HeatherLeigh says:

    Of course, it bears mentioning that Frank Shaw, who added a recommendation above, is our WaggEd PR guru (is that the right way to describe you, Frank?). Don’t suppose we could put some WaggEd resources on this, can we Frank? No? I didn’t think so. : )

  35. jason says:

    You gotta know when to foldem Blog

    Don’t cross me or else blog

    This ain’t no Recruiting Blog

    No, I won’t link to your blog blog


  36. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jason-funny what someone who knows me in person comes up with…and a little scary!"It’s a recruitING blog, not a recruitERS blog!"

  37. Wine-Oh says:

    To quote the Brady Bunch:

    "When its time to change, you’ve got to re-arrange!"

    (Sorry couldnt resist)

  38. Paul says:

    I like the MS Web Log 2007 EE one as well, although I thought the inside reference to bad product naming conventions was possibly a little too strong.   Depends what you want to express about yourself and your company.

    Hamiltonian is actually a triple entendre.  The software mathie connection is something only a mathie would get, but lots of people would get the political overtones, and the obvious connection to the author.  However, the graph/path that Hamiltonian refers to is actually the way I think about you blog.  A closed loop that travels all over the place . . .  And, it has a built-in image.

    Or, you could just go with "The Smell Within".

  39. Bryan says:

    How about an unpronounceable symbol like <img src="http://bstedman.com/images/sy.gif&gt;  and people can refer to it as the blog formally known as Heather’s "Marketing at Microsoft" Blog

  40. Bryan says:

    I messed up the html

    <img src="http://bstedman.com/images/sy.gif"&gt;

  41. Paul says:

    p.s. you’re a laugh riot.

    Actually, your strong sense of humor does come through, but there is a lot of sarcasm, irony, need to read between the lines, etc.  This kind of humor can be quite subtle in print, even if you have a Swiftian gift with the language.  Embedding some cues in the title is a good idea, because it is not only who you are, but it offers the new or casual reader a clue as to how to interpret what they see.  Kind of like projecting "quotation marks" around everything with your fingers.

    And, stop protesting about (not) being a marketer.

    Incidentally, Being Heathered makes me think of Scottish scenes like this:


    but, I may be the only one.  Heathers was one of my favorite movies back in the day.  Black humor is an acquired taste though.

  42. HeatherLeigh says:

    I liked Heathers too. But I do think it was at lease half due to corn nuts. I loved them first. Well if I named my blog that, I think I’d have to have another Heather blogging here to have it makes sense.

    Too bad there’s not an unpronouncable symbol for the finger quotes thing. Then I could satisfy Bryan and Paul and display my solidarity with Miss Britney.

    Maybe we can try different variations on the product title idea. You are right Paul, I want to use the subtle humor in the title.  

  43. Wine-Oh says:

    How about taking a photo with you doing the bunny ears thing with your fingers and using it in the letter "o" in the word blog.

  44. HeatherLeigh says:

    haha…what, you thikn I look more like an "o" than an "i"?

    Ahh, just teasing

  45. Sarah says:

    What about pure simplicity? Hamiltonesque. Like it’s a fragrance? There’s irony there. Hmm. This is hard. If you were a product, what product would you be? I keep trying to think of it in those terms. Also, I’m a big supporter of pushing the last name. The Hamilton Room. Like it’s a club. An exclusive club. I’ll come up with more.

  46. Sarah says:

    The Hamilton Code?

  47. HeatherLeigh says:

    Sarah- it is hard, isn’t it? As much as I love my last name, I think it might be too "blah" when I want to be "zing!". I worry what Hamiltonesque might smell like (right now, my mom is thinking "don’t talk about the sinky sponge!").

    I have a new appreciation for all those people that have cool names for their blogs.

  48. Nathan_S says:

    Heather’s House…Marketing, Microsoft, and Corn Nuts

    (And Some Recruiting Stuff Out Back)

    Curb Your Searching

    Starring Heather (Hamilton) David

    "You will get Marketing, Recruiting,Microsoft..A Complete BLOG!!!"   -EnterBlogment Weekly

    "Come and Knock on My Door…I’ve been waiting for you…Hers and Hers and His…Heather’s Company Too!"

    Marketing, Microsoft, and Recruiting/Careers has been Blogged in Front of a Live Internet Audience In Association With Heather Hamilton/Microsoft Corp. 2004©

    Of course, all the stuff after "Heather’s Company Too" bit, would be in that small font that they roll at the end of the credits. You could even use some 70’s font.

    And just a side note folks…I’m too tired! So, if these are really bad…blame it on Japan’s influence to have me stay up until 4am to watch the Japan/Brazil match (the one where I know Brazil will win without a doubt, but I still feel the need to watch like the rest of the country).

  49. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, Nathan, we will definitely blame it on that!

  50. Wine-Oh says:

    For the MTV Generation:

    Heather’s Crib

    Pimp My Blog

    The Real Blog

    Yo! MTV Blog

    TRL Blog


  51. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh…put down the remote control!

    I think the "MTV Generation" might be a little off target for me. Maybe better if I was doing college recruiting.  And I promise you the word "pimp" will not appear anywhere in my new blog title!

  52. HeatherLeigh says:

    I’m going to test drive some new titles…whatcha think?

  53. tod hilton says:

    One Louder – I like it! 🙂

  54. tod hilton says:

    Actually, I have a suggestion.  When you change the name of your site it rearranges it’s order in my feed reader.  Unfortunately, I’m a creature of habit and when things get out-of-whack I get irritable.  Yeah, yeah, I’m working on it. 🙂  If you want to change the name frequently, then maybe try always starting with the same word, like…

    Heather: Something-witty-here

    Heather: Oh-oh-I-thought-of-another-witty-thing-here

    Heather: Wait-this-one’s-better-here

    That way I don’t have to search through all of my feeds to get the latest from Heather…I know right where to click, by habit even since I check it daily. 😉

  55. HeatherLeigh says:

    Good point Tod. I’ll resist the urge to "try out" names. If this one doesn’t stick, I’ll pick another and stay with it.

  56. Jonathan says:

    One Louder is great!

    I cracked up a few weeks ago when MS had this ad for Windows Media Player 11 on its home page:


  57. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh yay…proof that someone gets the humor! Now I just have to worry about Nigel Tuffnel telling me to stop using his phrase.

    Thanks for the link too…I hadn’t seen that!

  58. PatriotB says:

    "Microsoft(R) Web Log For Marketing(TM) 2007, Enterprise Edition"

    How about "2007 Microsoft Web Long for Marketing system" — the 2007 comes first, and system with a lowercase ‘s’.

    Here I’m poking fun at the "decision" to make Office 2007’s official name run totally afoul to all other MS product names. (I read that Longhorn Server will officially be "Windows Server 200x", not "200x Windows Server", so it’s not like Office was starting a new naming scheme.)

    Heather, is there *any* chance that you can use your marketing connections to get the people [not using adjectives to be kind] who made that decision, to change their mind before it is too late?  "Microsoft Office 2007" or "Microsoft Office 2007 System" (if they insist on using the "system" word) is the way it should be.

    (I still chuckle when I see "Windows 2000 Server" and "Windows Server 2003" both named side by side.  Now we’ll have the same thing for Office 2003/2007…)

  59. Dudley says:

    I can’t believe you missed the WMP 11 graphic!  I thought of you instantly.  A little humor from your marketing recruits.

    And your sense of humor–snarky or just funny–comes through perfectly fine.  One of the few blogs where I look forward to the next post.

  60. HeatherLeigh says:

    Aww, Dudley. Thanks!

  61. Sarah says:

    Wait, can it be "One Louder LIVE?"

  62. Andy says:

    Saint Hubbins

    Lick My Love Pump ( probably not appropriate but funny none-the-less )

    Heather The Hotty: As long as there’s, you know, sex and drugs, I can do without the rock and roll.

    Heather Hurls: You can’t really dust for vomit.

    The fine line between stupid, and clever.

    Heather’s bizarre gardening accident: best leave it… unsolved

    Armadillos in our trousers

    I’ve had my moments in the sky

  63. HeatherLeigh says:

    Sarah-would I have to have a trademark for that?

    Andy-the magic of "one louder" is that the people who didn’t see the movie don’t necessarily think I am crazy. You on the other hand…

    You forgot "little green globule"

    "You keep folding and folding…this one has a little guy"

    It’s been so long…I wonder if I have those right.

    I guess I have to thank Dan Kotecki, my boyfriend sophomore year of high school who introduced me to it and thought it was funny to sing "big bottom". Yeah, real smart singing that to a high school girl, buddy.

  64. Andy says:

    Heh. That’s awesome he sang that to you! I was laughing so hard I was crying thinking what that would do to a high-school girl.

    In that vein you could always call the blog "Mud Flaps".

    When I stopped by earlier I hadn’t read this post yet but as soon as I saw the new name for your blog I started laughing. I wonder how many folks get it and how many go "one louder than what?". To which I suppose we could reply "one louder than ten of course".

  65. HeatherLeigh says:

    It’s like ten only it’s one louder. It goes to eleven.

    Even if people don’t get the movie reference, there’s some relevance to blogging in that blogging makes your voice "one louder".

    Or people who know me might suggest that a comma is in order: " One, Louder"

  66. David.Wang says:

    Hehe… I have to say I have no idea what "One Louder" means nor references. I went searching for it and still don’t get it.

    But then again, I think it’s all about context. For example, I find the blog title "setup isn’t xcopy" to be a compact yet catchy title… but only if you get the references. I get the same feeling here.


  67. 2monkeysandafootball says:

    "One Louder" is terrific.  Thanks for giving me reason to think of Spinal Tap.  I thought you were going to go with something like "Snark Bites."

  68. Dan Kotecki says:

    Heather, That’s unfair.  If you rember correctly, "smell the glove", the album from Spinal Tap, was in my cassette player of my MB 190 all the time.  That just happened to be one of the songs on that album, and I sang every song all the time. That was never meant as any kind of comment about you.  Anyway, I just felt I had to clear my name.  BTW Brian Swindle says hello.

  69. HeatherLeigh says:

    Holy crap…Dan Kotecki. I didn’t mention that you always had a full pack of Big Red in the console of your car. So what’s the deal? Are all of my high school boyfriends hanging out together? I’m going to have nightmares about that now. Say nice things : )

    I hope you and your family are doing well. I think I recall that you wanted to be an architect…is that what you are doing? I honestly don’t think we have spoken since my sophomore year. Wow. Good to hear from you!

  70. HeatherLeigh says:

    The more I think about this, the more I believe that Dan wasn’t joking and felt he really had to clear his name. I hope I am wrong because I remember Dan having a great sense of humor (he liked Spinal Tap after all) and I can’t imagine anyone worrying about someone knowing that he sang a song about big butts to some girl he dated in high school. I still laugh about it when I remember but perhaps Dan didn’t read anything else on the blog and thinks I was upset by that? I don’t know. Life is stranger than fiction.

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