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Lots of blog posts on interviewing recently....hmm, could be a sign of changes in the employment marketplace. Anyway, if someone does a good job of offering advice or insight, it keeps me from having to be charming with a post of my own. Better to just link, I think.

Tod Hilton blogs some nice Microsoft interview advice. Posts I've seen from other bloggers have been pretty tech-centric, but Tod's advice hits the mark across the board. Only caveat for marketers: typical attire in marketing groups is less casual. While I don't focus on technical hires, thought I should mention that Tod's team is hiring for Developers/Testers.

Here's another one that I like to call "No lunch and one sweaty interviewer later". I'm just saying! Hopefully all their interviews aren't like this but it seems there are some deeper issues. Hey, I didn't write it, I just link to it, my friends (via Shannon).

Speaking of hiring for passion (and awkward topic transitions), Seth talks about his recent experience with one very passionate employee. How much passion is too much? I know it when I see it. I suspect that Seth's been thinking about hiring because he's speaking at the upcoming ERE conference. Dude, I am so there.

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  1. tod hilton says:

    Thanks for the flattery Heather…you’re too kind. 🙂

    As far as the attire for marketing, honestly, I was making my best guess and as I stated in the post when in doubt go for the slightly more professional look.  Personally, since being at MS I’ve always worked in the ‘shorts, t-shirts & ball-cap’ jobs.  Which I love…except for none of my suits from my accounting days fit me anymore!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    I hear ya. I went out and bought a suit for speaking, more formal events, etc., and now it doesn’t fit so great (luckily, it’s a little too big).

    I kind of think that when we go out and represent Microsoft, we should just wear what we wear to work because it’s kind of symbolic of our employment brand. Every once in a while I feel like the suit is best.

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