Marketing opportunity for Starbucks Liqueur

You decide.

Science is weird. I suspect that caffeine + alcohol makes for very annoying bar patrons.

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  1. asteffen says:

    sounds like another redbull vodka concoction

  2. Mel says:

    I haven’t had Starbucks Liqueur but just last week a few buddies and I hung out at a place called Sartory in El Dorado Hills, CA. It’s a coffee house during the day and coffee+wines+live music during the nights.

    They offer a drink called The Torch which is local beer+4 shots of coffee+barcadi 151… and it is very tastey. It makes for a very interesting (and hyper) drunk. 😀

    The moral of the story is that coffee + alcohol sounds horrible but it’s not that bad tasting.

    Now as far as the marketing of the Starbucks Liqueur, I’m not too sure bout it. Stretching the brand to include alcohol is a bit steep. I don’t think people want to get drunk off "starbucks" even if they like coffee.

    We’ll just need to see sales numbers to know the real story.

  3. christien says:

    i don’t know, but look up ‘cirrhosis’ on Wilipedia and you’ll never drink again…ouch.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    asteffen- red bull does a good job at marketing that stuff.

    Mel-you are right, it does sound gross. I remember a coffee infused beer (this was about 7 years ago…maybe more) and one sip was more than enough for me. I’ll take your word for it on The Torch ; )

    I think the Starbucks Liqueur is more of a sipping thing than a drunk thing. You can’t really chug that stuff…I’m not that into the sugary stuff myself.

    Christien-I have heard that. Unfortunately, I think people will see things like this study and think of it as permission to drink more because then they can just have caffeine. I notice a tendence for people to take stuff like this too far. And I bet some company will try to make money off of it (my Starbucks comment is on jest as I doubt they would do that).

  5. mom says:

    Wierder yet!

    This one is beyod the beyonds!

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    17 beers and 4 pizzas? Start eatin’!

  7. Anyone heard if simultaneous consumption is necessary?  Or do I now have the ability (with my current daily caffeine intake being measured in grams) to offset previous damage from college?

  8. ed says:

    So why is this a Starbucks marketing strategy? Isn’t that SARTORY COFFEE  that came up with this drink? And didn’t you say, it’s quite tasty? What up with the McDonalds of coffee diversion? They have nothing to do with this.

    I think Sartory is great – has interesting ideas, not to mention a great place to hang out. The owners are one of the friendliest in the business and care about their customers. They let their customers come up with new coffee/drink creations. You should give it a try. I did. I’m hooked (and it’s a good habit, not bad addiction).

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    ed- it was a joke, first of all. Second, how many guesses that you coincidentally work for a company called "Sartory Coffee"? Anyone?

  10. ed says:

    I don’t work for Sartory, coincidentally. But I do get sick of Starbucks. They’re monopolizing the U.S. with fast food caffine. I am all for mom and pop coffee joints and see too many go by the wayside because of you know who. So, here’s to other coffee places that may actually make it!

  11. BHG says:

    Sartory did invent the torch.  I know, because I helped create it.  It is tasty, and with no disrespect to Starbucks, we are attempting to bring the public a higher quality coffee experience.  

  12. random local person who knows to many people says:

    The torch was invented by those at Sartory, one of the owners along with one close employee (who is still there) were the core inventors, but lots of people pitched helpful ideas along the way so that it could be perfected. Whoever wrote wonderful words about Sartory is right, the place is awesome and the owners are very sweet, however knowing all involved very well, I can say (based on  everything that person said) they definitely have never worked there. (ps, neither have i)

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Sorry, still sounds gross to me. I don’t like rum though (not sure that makes a difference anyway).

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