One perfectly good reason to abandon your healthy diet

Here. And I'll be doing so for a brief moment in the near future.

I love the interview with Dixie and Gene. Why? I ain't stupid.

Comments (3)

  1. nick says:

    Why abandon it when you can just add a dose of outrageous dining to it once in a very rare while?

    Many people who enjoy eating eat healthy so that when they do eat extravagantly, their bodies can handle it 🙂

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    nick…that’s why I am just doing it for a "brief moment", though my body does have a signficiant reaction to stuff like this when I eat it. All the more reason to do it rarely.

    I certainly wasn’t recommending people abandon healthy eating habits entirely…you know me better than that ; )

  3. nick says:

    Thats precisely what I was pointing out….to abandon it is to pretty much go the whole hog…you’re more talking about taking a break 🙂

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