I own two pair of Uggs…

one that I, rather ironically, wear when I do yard work. I like how beat up they look and I just hose them off. The other a black suede version with silver buttons down the outside (Miss Mary Mack would be ever so proud). Some people think Uggs are ugly but I don't care. Wearing them is like a having a great secret. And the secret is that I still feel like I am in my PJs when I am wearing them. It's the most comfortable you can be with shoes on (my feet are always cold). And every once in a while, I can convince myself that I make them look good.

But you will never, ever see me wearing these. Yeah, they look like they are meant for yard work. They remind me a little of those horrible jelly shoes that were popular my freshman year in high school (oh the memory....it's too painful!). I've seen people wear these Croc things but I didn't know that they had a name. I just thought that coincidentally, a number of people had accidentally worn their garden clogs in public. And I admit that I really did think it was just a Seattle thing (like fleece, and wearing cargo shorts in winter with chunky hiking boots). I'm not sure if I feel better or worse knowing they aren't just a local faux pas.

I guess we all have our fashion weirdness. I draw the line at my cozy Uggs, but the bright, rubbery garden clogs are a step too far, at least for me.

Thanks Darren

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  1. Tim says:

    Dude, did buy the Crocs. 6 months ago. Swear I didn’t know they were popular not only with the urbo-cyclo crowd but with "Pilates wives". It’s okay, you will not have to see me in them, I thought they were for gardening and in the garden they shall remain.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tim-that is good to hear. We all still  might want to see a picture though ; )

  3. Joey says:

    My 2 & 3 year old have loved their crocs for months. They are very cute.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Well cute kids are another matter altogether…the fashion rules don’t apply (though I would like to discuss with my mother some of the big-collared getups she put me in as a kid).

    The kids can definitely get away with stuff that we can’t as grown-ups.

  5. Patblue says:

    Blasphemy!  I love Crocs ™.  I guess then, that I am just a big cute kid?  I am all about lazy, airy, and comfy footwear.  Clogs, Crocs, and Flip Flops all the way!

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Patblue-you are a big cute kid. OK, Ihave to ask what color you have. I am picturing it in my mind but I just don’t know what color to make the footwear.

  7. patblue says:

    Boring dumb kind of green, but I covet the yellow ones, and will one day get them too!

  8. Natia says:

    I’m surprised you hose off the uggs you use for yard work. Don’t they soak through?

    I own two pairs of uggs myself. One classic short, those I only wear outside. I always use some kind of water repellent spray when it’s wet out there. And I also have ugg slippers, which I absolutely love, especially in winter. There is nothing warmer in the mornings than a cup of coffee and my ugg slippers 🙂

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