All the stuff I want to blog about but don’t

I secretly want to blog about all sorts of things that probably interest me more than they do you. Those of you that have asked whether I blog for fun, you should know that if it was about fun, it would be all about fashion and shopping and college football. The I could let you know that:

-White is "in" this year. If you are like me and don't look good in white, try a white handbag (I got mine at Nordstrom Rack and the compliments are flooding in). Nordstrom Rack, Marshall's and TJMaxx are the places to buy the stuff that people call "in this year". Nordstrom and Anthropologie are the places to buy the other stuff.

-The greatest invention of the 21st Century is the messy ponytail. It saves me numerous hours in front of the mirror and is really the only reason I tolerate Meredith Grey at all.

-NFL draft starts Saturday at 9AM Pacific. My head is about to explode.  Being able to fast forward through the boring parts of the draft (to the parts where a really talented kid's dream officially comes that too sappy?) make digital video recorders the second best invention of the twenty-first century (Buck Rogers might be I old?).

OK, I just needed to get that out of my system. Thanks


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  1. Deb says:

    Well, I’d love to hear about these things.

    1)  I love that white is in this year. And totally wish I could wear it.  As I can’t wear it in that "fabulous thin Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give" way, I’d given up on it.  I hadn’t thought of a good bag (or shoes).  So I greatly appreciate the reminder that accessories really are king.

    2)  Now if I could only stop actually doing my hair, when I know it’s gonna be a bad hair day eventually anyway, and just go with the ponytail.

    3)  Red Sox fan here.  (And we were obliterated in our last two games against the Indians.)  I know I’m supposed to be routing for the Patriots.  But past that, I’m pretty much focusing on the Red Sox and whether it’s going to take another 86 years for another win or not.

    Love your POV.

    All the best!


  2. Brian Toland says:

    Does that mean I should break out my Mr. Rourke white suit?  Then I’d have to find someone to follow me around and say "Da Candidate, da candidate" randomly…

    Does the ponytail actually qualify as an invention?  The DVR is definitely # 1…

  3. jtdavies says:

    Could you break up the number of compliments on the white handbag by gender? I’m guessing it is heavily skewed one way.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Deb-glad someone else actually cares about that stuff too!

    Toland-I wouldn’t peg you for a white suit guy. I was pretty much just speaking to the ladies on the first two items. And yes, I know that fashion doesn’t qualify as an invention (either do people), but it was really just a phrase. It’s fashion dude…I can explain fashion to you later.

    jtdavies-believe it or not, some of the compliments came from men. It’s weird how every once in a while some random fashion choice gets peoples’ attention. Although I will say that Mr. Toland, above, referrred to it as a suitcase. But that’s more about his lack of fashion schooling than anything else ; ) Sorry Brian!

  5. Brian says:

    Once it’s past a certain size, it’s no longer a bag.  If you can keep your wallet and compact in it, it’s a purse.  If you can pack for the weekend, it’s a suitcase….  😀

    Fashion – is that the thing where you wear clothes that look good together?  I’ve heard of it but am not personally familiar with it…

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Brian-seriously, you should not argue fashion with me! Once it’s a certain size, it’s no longer a "purse". This is defnitely a bag, my friend. AND I just got compimented on it at lunch. It’s a magic bag.

  7. You really don’t have to wear white on top if it doesn’t suit you. But you can still go for white pants or skirts. Or tops with a prefered color on the top section, and white on the lower section. Or experience with cream, ecru and other whiteish colors. 🙂

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