Life is strange

In a good way.

1) Our head of staffing just started his own internal staffing blog.

2) We just got e-mail that our head of HR (that's our SVP, folks) is stopping by our building tomorrow (edit: oops, I meant Monday....note to self: don't blog last thing on a Friday) with donuts and a latte cart.

3) And I am headed off the gym right now and kind of looking forward to it (for those that wanted an update, yeah, I am still working out and yeah, it totally makes a difference)

Yay! on the first two. The third one is just strange. I blame Tom that wrong?

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  1. Mark Tookey says:


    You’ll know things are getting really strange if the head of HR, with Tom Cruise in tow, stops by the gym while you are there with the donuts and latte cart….

    Happy Weekend,


  2. Brian Toland says:

    Are you blaming Tom Cruise for the donuts or the blogging?  I’m confused…

  3. --Lisa says:

    The SVP wants to see who is working on Saturday? 😉  Have a nice weekend.

  4. tod says:

    Great job at continuing the workouts!  After a few months it should feel like it’s just part of your schedule.

    And I agree…Tom Cruise is definitely to blame.  😉

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Mark-yes, that would be quite strange! As it is, I see lots of people form work at the gym, but it would be shocking to see Mr. Cruise bouncing around on the couches at the gym, for sure! it could be a whole new workout craze.

    Brian-pretty much everything since the couch jumping incident. For no other reason than it’s fun!

    –Lisa-thanks for catching that…I went back and added an edit to the post and a note not to blog on my way out the door. Perhaps my mind was about 5 minutes ahead of the rest of me ; )

    tod-I can’t believe it’s actually been 6 weeks of working out already. It is getting to the point of being a routine (ish). I’m one of those people that, when Idecide to do something, I totally do it (or I totally don’t). so this was a big commitment for me. Thankfully it’s paying off. Why do I keep hearing Debbie Allen in my head ("this is where you start paying in sweat")? Hey, I am glad someone out there understands my sense of humor!

  6. Lauren Smith says:

    You know, just last November, I was on a nationwide Japanese TV show as a Tom Cruise lookalike.  Is my beginning reading your blog just coincidental with this Tom Cruise post?  Is this what James Redfield calls synchronicity?

    BTW, I don’t jump on couches.  Here in Japan I don’t have a couch.  Now that IKEA is opening up nearby, that situation may change.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Lauren-I’ll never tell. Someone should warn the IKEA folks to look out for you! ; )

  8. Lauren Smith says:


  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Lauren-Hilarious…I wonder if it will make the news in the states. If anyone asks, your wife is "magnificent" and "amazing".

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