Ozzie impact

Here's another article on Ray Ozzie's impact on Microsoft.

Here's why I'm a fan:

"Ray really starts with the customer," says Windows and MSN boss Kevin Johnson. "He looks at things 'outside in,' as he says, not technology-out."

Yeah folks, that's what I call marketing.

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    But can this idea of online ads really pay off for a large value play like Microsoft?  From the outside, it’s becoming quite clear that you folks are trying to Win The Web ™ back by providing extra functionality on Internet Explorer only.  If you compare such online services with Google, for example, you have MS on the one hand luring customers towards IE with special incentives like http://www.live.com and the hotmail beta program, but on the other you have Google providing full functionality for their web services on any relatively up-to-date browser client.

    Can MS provide a product that is good enough to allow users to overlook such restrictions?  What of the outcry from people who don’t want to switch from Browser F to Browser IE?

    I guess the question I have is whether Microsoft can out-Google Google.

  2. Margo says:

    I can’t wait for tabbed browsing in IE.

    I really think a lot can be learned from Mozilla.  Fantastic browser.

  3. Kevin Eshbach says:

    Hiring him was a very good move for you guys.   The strategic and product direction coming out of Microsoft has been lacking lately and with Google building up steam they have a good chance of pulling off some of the stuff that Netscape was attempting to do.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Lauren-I wouldn’t agree that we are trying to "win the web" by only enhancing IE. I’m probably not the right person to argue the technical benefits of a Microsoft web versus a google web though (I can show off a few nifty html skills if you want though…hah). I know there’s a lot more going on here than folks on the outside know (there always is). I’m in staffing so they don’t let me sit in on their feature reviews ; )

    Personally (and I mean this, just my perspective), I’m more interested in ensuring that we are providing something valuable  to customers than to one-up google. I’l take a customer focused company over a technology focused company any day.

    See what you made me do? Now I sound like a coprorate wonk ; )

    Seriously, someone from one of our product teams might have a better answer to your question that I do.

    Margo and Kevin-good feedback…I’m sure our product teams are watching

  5. Doug says:


    Tabbed browsing is available on IE at this time.  I think it requires the MSN toolbar.

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