What if we all had to adopt a weather-person name?

Ever wonder if weather people are actually born with names that denote environmental conditions? Like weather-person Dallas Raines? They insist that those are their real names. Alrighty, whatever you say.

Wouldn't it be interesting if we all had to come up with names that expressed something about our professional life? What would be even better is if our co-workers bore the responsibility of picking the names: Sneaky McBackstabber, Ivana Promo, May Worktoday, Al Beinlater, Anita Lunchbreak. I don't work with any of these people, but I know they exist.

Maybe not. Slow blogging day.



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  1. Damon says:

    Wasn’t that what it was like back in the medieval days?  Nowhere near as entertaining as Al Beinlater (I think you’ve been listening to too much car talk… 😉 ) but practical as the size of communities grew.


  2. But there has to be a law firm named Dewey, Cheatam and Howe out there!!

    And I know that there is a plumber named Phil McKrackin also.


  3. David E. Miró says:

    I’m writing this from Puerto Rico. Before becoming a SW engineer, I paid my way through my Masters’ degree by being a news researcher at a little radio station near my hometown. One day the wire gave us a nice article that would make for a heck of a feature piece, if we cared to discuss it. The problem? The article author’s name.

    She’s a bright, capable, intelligent feature writer who lives and writes, if I’m not mistaken, in Virginia. Her name doesn’t ring any bells in English, but it does in Spanish, which happens to be our native tongue here. Her name, Jodi Enda, translates into (and I’m not making this up): "Good f***ing riddance".

    I wanted to give her due credit, but the article was described as a generic news agency one, with no byline. Poor Jodi. She deserves the credit.

  4. Wine-Oh says:

    I used to work in TV News and always loved the unique names of the weather and news casters. Couple of examples:

    Here in NYC we have a weather caster named Storm Field.


    In Philly theere is a Weather person with the name is Amy Freeze. http://www.nbc10.com/meetthenewsteam/1865566/detail.html

    If I cant come up with a catchy name, I think the next best thing is having a personal tv theme song…

  5. Paul R Mktg says:

    Many years ago I got some direct mail addressed to Paul R. Mktg.  I thought they were rebranding me (you know, like Toys R Us), so I decided to let it stick.  I thought it was so good that I got a piece of paper and wrote Paul R Mktg and stuck it to the name plate on the door.

    Does it count if it wasn’t deliberate?

    Slow day indeed.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Damon-I do love me some car talk. So I wonder how we got the weather-casters from medieval times.

    Chris-one can only hope

    David-that’s funny. I agree..poor Jodi. Either her parents didn’t speak Spanish or they had a sick sense of humor!

    Wine-Oh-I’ve always wanted my own t-shirt. I know I can get one at Cafe Press but I always kind of fantasized that someone besides me would buy it. How sad.

    Mr Mktg- that’s even better!

  7. Chris D says:

    When I was a wee lad, we had Storm Field come to our school and talk about careers in meteorology. Of course the topic of his name came up. Yes, that is his real name. His father, meteorologist Frank Field, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, so he named him after the weather.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Chris-when you say it like that, I picture you in a newsboy cap and knickers..hee! I think that all of the weather men have huddled on that and used the same story. Because seriously, who has ever heard of someone with that kind of name that has decided "Eh, weather isn’t for me".

  9. Wine-Oh says:

    My own t shirt would rock. I dont have a common name so, I was never a kid who had one of those plastic license plates on their bikes, or a mug with my name. Still working these issues out in therapy. *sniff sniff*

    Along the same lines of unique names… what about people whos names end up being sort of related to their profession.

    Some examples:

    Someone told me theres a OB/GYN in the DC area named Dr.  (sorry I am not making this up)

    My dads dentist is named Dr. Smiles

    Another friend has a podiatrist named Dr. Soretoe.

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    I went to 7 schools between 4th and 7th grades. I’ll arm wrestle you for the therapy ; )

    I don’t believe you on those names…even if they are true…I refuse to believe! I had to edit out one of them….this is a PG 13 blog, Wine-Oh! Naughty!

  11. Wine-Oh says:

    I thought you were going to have to edit it. I debated whether or not to include it.  Im sorry. My bad. 🙁

    And yes they are 100% true. I dont lie. The one you edited out is actually google’able (is that a word?).

    I shouldnt embarrass myself further because it will diminish my chances of ever working for Microsoft, and will taint your opinion of me once you get my new resume. I will behave.

    7 Schools? Ouch. Here’s another one for you I am still working on in therapy. My mother is a nurse, so faking sick didnt work growing up. I have gone to school with 102 fever on numerous occasions, only to have the school nurse call my mother to come get me. Talk about guilt. I can still use that as leverage today.

  12. Tim says:

    Had to throw in my two cents (and, btw, Heather, this is generating a lot of convo for a slow blog day), even though you deleted the name of Wine-Oh’s DC OB/GYN, I know the one. And it is true. My old coworker’s father (also an OB/GYN) worked with them.

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh…seriosuly, don’t worry about it. And my mom didn’t believe I was sick sometimes even when I was. I remember having to go to a business dinner with her and nearly passing out at the table (I’m sure she’ll read this and remember that).

    Tim-do you think that guy could introdice himself without laughing or at least acknowledging it. I’d be going by "Harold" if I were him.

  14. MattPedigo says:

    I won’t go into too much detail, but being a diabetic, I have seen a number of specialists. I always laugh when I pencil in on the calendar my appointment with my urologist, Dr Little.

  15. HeatherLeigh says:

    A couple of people have asked me if it was THE Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) that linked above. I don’t know…wouldn’t know how to prove it. I suspect that he’s not a regular reader but may have come across this topic as it related to something he also blogged about via some kind of meme tracker. Regardless, if it was him, I’m flattered.

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