Coffee Coke: for reals?

Unfortunately, yes.

OK, admission time: I've tried coffee flavored beer. Two great tastes that taste bad together. Ooh, I'm getting that pre-barf salivating sensation.

Coffee ice cream? Yes!

Coffee Liqueur? Yum!

Double tall, sugar free vanilla non-fat latte? Sign me up.

Coffee beer? No!

Coffee coke? Why?

Please people...the coffee wants to be left alone! Anyone tried this yet?

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    I’m not trying to make you feel "old" — but I doubt Coke is actually trying to market the new Coke Coffee to "you" (^_^)

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    What? OK, then who? You won’t make me feel old. I just took a look at what you wrote for your profile on your blog and I think you may have a couple of years on me ; )

    Clearly nobody has filled you in on how cool I am…hah!

  3. Coleman says:

    I’ve got Heather’s back on this one!  


    ‘But Coca-Cola spokesman Scott Williamson says Blak’s flavor profile is "distinctive and will appeal to mature palates."’

    And Heather, I’m not hinting at anything with the use of the word mature.  🙂

    I don’t get the feeling they’re marketing to pre-teens and teens with this one.  Not sure what they’re aiming for here, though.  I doubt the typical ‘Dew and Red Bull addicts, er, drinkers will find it has enough kick to please them.

    Personally, I can’t stand regular Coke.  It’s too "syruppy" for my taste.   I drink the diet stuff.  

  4. alois says:

    pah, just another way of cocacola to try to fight Red Bull (our austrian energy drink full of caffeine and such stuff) 😉

  5. sitoso says:

    Coffee flavoured milk is really bad…

  6. Wine-Oh says:

    You live in Seattle. Isnt Coffee considered a food group there?

    How bout this one….Beer infused with  caffeine, ginseng and guarana. (What is Guarana anyhoo?)

    I cant drink beer anyway, but this sends a mixed message. Drink beer and be healthy and get buzzed? Odd…

  7. John Lucas says:


    Here is the real thing:

    We NYers have been drinking fizzy caffein for a while, it helps durring those late nite candidate calling sessions.


  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Blake e-mailed me off the blog…we confirmed that we are both old ; )

    Coleman-you’re funny. I didn’t read anything into "mature"…trust me, very few people that know me would describe me as "mature". I drink the diet stuff too. I don’t like th film on my teeth after drinking sugared soda. Oh yeah, plus I don’t eat sugar. I will say though, that in a pinch, regular coke really helps a handover.

    alois-red bull strikes me as something that you drink at night (and very sugary) and I was thinking Coke Blak was for earlier in the day (like between 10 AM and 10:15)

    Wine-Oh-it is a food group here but we actually like the taste of it (as I take a big gulp of my Peet’s Mocha Java) so we don’t mess it up with other stuff. Maybe the beer makers are worried about people like me that are trying to be healthy. I will admit that beer is one of the things that I miss the most. I just really like it but it’s not part of my fitness routine, if you know what I mean. But seriously, if I am going to have a beer, I’m OK popping some vitamins later versus having it mess up my buzz, I mean my Bud ; )

    John-Arggghhh! Fizzy coffee drinks? It will really take me some time to get my mind around that. I guess that I’m just not that big of a fan of the fizz that I want it in my coffee.

  9. Andy says:

    "Blake e-mailed me off the blog…we confirmed that we are both old " – quote

    Age has nothing to do with it. Has he seen how hot you are!!! I absolutely garauntee any straight guy that looks at you is not thinking "gee I wonder if she’s over 30?".

    No, what they are thinking is more along the lines of "Schwiiiinnnggg! I wonder if she’s single?".

  10. Brian Toland says:

    Kahula is a coffee flavored liquor, right?

    Then what is Kahula flavored coffee?  Isn’t it coffee flavored coffee?

    When I want sweet caffiene, I go for my Triple shot, six pump white chocolate mocha…. sugar  & caffiene in one tasty drink.  🙂

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    Brian-I think it’s liqueur flavored coffee. Also I think there’s vanilla bean in  Kahlua. Hmm, why do I know that? I’ve tried the Starbucks coffee liqueur’s (told you guys i was an exprimental shopper). I likes the white one but didn’t care that much for the brown one. But I suspect the brown one wold taste good on ice cream…I just don’t have ice cream in my house.

    Your mocha drink sounds good. Once they have sugar free chocolate syrup at the coffee houses, I can do that. Til then, I have to settle for my grande nonfat sugar free vanilla latte. As long as the beans are god, that is god enough for me. I have a ridiculous selection of sugar free syrup at home for my coffee: vanilla, french vanilla, almond rocha, almond, coconut, amaretto, white chocolate (the clear kind not the creamy kind).

  12. Jaz says:

    I suppose this is to counter Pepsi’s pepsi max latte.

    leave coke alone, most of the new flavourings (cola lime, cola lemon cola vanilla) aren’t all that good.  however cherry cola is.

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jaz-never heard of Pepsi Max Latter. Sorry, I can’t agree to leave Coke alone…it’s not in my biology to leave anything alone; hence, the blog ; ) I’m a plain old diet coke girl (the “plain old” part goes with the diet coke, not the girl).

  14. Pablo Estrada says:

    Phrase of the year: "pre-barf salivating sensation."

    By the way, guaraná is a fruit.

  15. Jaz says:

    woops thats because ive never heard of it either, it’s actually pepsi max coffee cino (  I didn’t mean for you to leave it alone, heh, but the manufacturers to leave the original recipee alone,  I myself can’t stand the diet coke, however i know people who drink diet caffine free coke, isn’t that just brown water?

  16. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jaz-I know…I was just teasing! It’s fizzy brown water.

  17. Dudley says:

    I can only assume that if this stuff is in my local Target, it’s on national rollout.  Or something weired happened at the DC.  Either way, I tried one this morning.

    Do not drink this stuff on an empty stomach.  I can’t begin to imagine what the puissance Hydrogen is, but if regular Coke will shine pennies, this stuff would probably clean the rust off your car’s undercarriage.  And get the soap scum off your shower wall, and that crud off your stove’s burner,…you get the idea.  I also wouldn’t use it to take any prescription meds.  Your 12-hour time release happpy pill just became a 4-hour jolt of jittery love, followed by 8 hours of emotional torment.  Seriously, this stuff is ulcer city.

    The flavor is interesting.  It takes a lot like an old-fashioned soda, but not really sugary.  They replaced some of the corn syrup with aspertame, only 45 cal in 8 oz bottle.  If you ever had one of those vanilla or chocolate Cokes at Big Boy, you’ll get an idea of what Coke Blak tastes like, just replace vanilla or choclate with a coffe flavor.  Coke flavor, but with a slight coffee aftertaste (not a bad one, though).

    Two of the ingredients are "coffee extract" and "caffeine".  Definitely will wake you up.  If caffeine gives you the munchies, keep the Doritos close by.  I’m jonesing for another bagel already.

    If you’re studying for finals, don’t pull an all-nighter and use this stuff (or any caffeine laden beverage for that matter) to keep you awake–you’ll just be jittery and foggy brained.  Get a couple hours of sleep, and use this to jump start your AM.

    Now, pair Coke Blak with a McGriddle, and Heather will spontaneously combust.  We’ll miss her, but the conflagration will be popular on You Tube.

  18. HeatherLeigh says:

    That’s true, I would spontaneously combust! I’m just about to make my hard-boiled egg for breakfast…whee!

    So your warnings are telling me that this stuff just isn’t for me. I can’t imagine taking a Prilosec just to have a soda.

  19. TC Loy says:

    I am a coffee puritan. I rarely drink flavored coffee.  I like a nice cup of brewed coffee in the morning or in a coffee shop later in the day. But how does coffee flavored coke replace that?  I have my favorite coffee shop back in Singapore where they serve breakfast all day…menu is simple…soft boiled eggs…toasted with butter or kaya…How can they plug coffee flavored coke in the mix? it will not sell.

    Also does coffee flavored coke has the same effect on my stomach as cold coffee? if so, I probably would stay away from it.

    I do not see coffee flavored coke as a viable product. maybe it is just to win back coffee addicts like me …at least a small percentage…

    P.S. I eat pizza with coffee…that is how bad of an addict I am.

  20. mitterom says:

    I’ve never been a coffee lover nor have I ever had much of a need for a cola of any sort. I’m a juice man. If I can get it in to my juicer…I’ll drink it. Fruits and veggies of any kind in any sort of combination work for me. Though I must confess that a good burger/fries and coke now and then brings back some fond memories. Hard to eat pizza w/out  a coke too. Thankfully I can count on one hand the times where those temptations overwhelm me every year.

    The whole caffeine thing baffles me. I get more of a rush from fresh fruit. Nothing perks me up more than a watermelon/pineapple/mango/guava/papaya smoothy freshly made poured over a  lemonade/orange juice combo.

    Throw in a little vodka or rum now and then and who needs to drink beer? It’s a drink for all reasons/seasons.

    You can  get creative too. Just think of it…imagine your favorite fruit/veggie mixed with a little love and creativity.

    Not sure what your whole sugar thing is Heather but this is all natural sugars which are good for you. Maybe it’s time to look at other ways to get your buzz and leave the whole coffee/cola thing behind?

  21. HeatherLeigh says:

    Burger/fries/coke=great handover remedy. With pizza, beer or wine! Thing is for me, I have probably only eaten pizze 3x in the last year.

    The sugar thing is about empty calories/carbs and blood sugar. I know juices are natural but if I want that sugar, I eat the whole fruit so I get the fiber too (lately, it’s been strawberries and apples). And that is why you will never see me in a Jamba Juice. I hate how I feel after something sugary and I hate how it makes my teeth feel. I’m experimenting with different combinations of foods to see how they affect my energy level.

    I’ve never really been a juice person. I didn’t grow up eating sugary stuff (juice is sugary, even though it’s natural) so I have an easier time staying away from it than most people, I think.

  22. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, now we know who it is at Fast Company that reads (or at lesat "has read") my blog (it’s Heath Row everybody!) ; )

    Never heard of Manhattan Special. Now I’m kind of intrigued…I may try to find out if they ship. How is it that it’s existed so long and we’ve never heard of it west of the Mississippi? It looks a little YooHoo-ish…that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I have to admit that in my previous sugar-eating life, I did thoroughly enjoy the starbucks frappuccino in a bottle. No substitute for a real latte but when I wanted something quick that tasted good it did the trick. Now, I have to fire up the coffee maker.

    Anyway, I am more open to a coffee drink than a coke + coffee drink. Did anyone else try milk and pepsi in the 70s because of Laverne and Shirley (Ouch, I’m old)? I did and it tasted a little like a coke float (if the ice cream melted)…not bad. Keep in mind that I also loved 7-Up flots with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

    So I am just wondering if Blak (blech) would taste better if you added some milk. Who’s willing to give it a try?

  23. Coleman says:

    I tried Coke blak yesterday for the first time.  Not bad, but kind of a strange aftertaste.  A combination of black coffee (bitter) and coke (syruppy).  It’s hard to explain.  A definite pick-me-up though.  

    Don’t know that I’ll be rushing out to buy another bottle anytime soon, but I’m not totally opposed to drinking it. I do find it better tasting than Red Bull or Frappacino in a bottle, though.  

    Next time, as an experiment, I’ll add some creamer to it. Maybe the flavored kind (french vanilla or something).  

  24. HeatherLeigh says:

    Coleman, I guess Coke won’t be asking you to be their spokesperson "I’m not totally opposed to drinking it" ; )

  25. taylor o. says:

    I just bought a pack of them and I’d agree with the weird aftertaste.  It’s kind of like burnt coffee with a chemical residue.  Before the aftertaste I don’t mind it too much.

  26. HeatherLeigh says:

    taylor o.- another glowing review ; ) I don’t expect these to last on the market long

  27. paula s. says:

    It’s too sweet for me unless over lots of ice with Vodka.

  28. jdada says:

    I can only assume at the time you all posted your blogs you didn’t know Coke Blak is meant to be aimed at a target market of 35-50 year olds

  29. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hate to tell you but I am in that age group and the idea still makes me want to heave.

  30. Harry says:

    Just this morning, I put coke in my coffee and thought, "Man, I’m going to be a millionaire."

    Then I came on online to see if it already existed……

    Damn it……   ><

  31. Matt Simpson says:

    My favorite drink is 1/2 iced coffee and 1/2 iced coke – delicious, you have to do it right though and it always depends on the person

  32. godwin says:

    IT tastes great dudes!!!

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