American Idol I don’t get, but this I get!

I can't tell you how many people have asked me whether I watch American Idol (I don't...really don't like it). But I sure was a fan of Rock Star: INXS (despite Brook Burke and her kind of stiff presence and the weirdness of those INXS come they seemed so cool in 1987?). Even though Marty didn't win, it was a fun ride. I'm pretty sure none of you cared because I blogged about it and nobody commented...that's OK...don't feel bad.

When Rock Star: INXS started out, I heard the ratings were low and worried that it would be taken off the air. I didn't really think that MSN had anything to do with pulling additional viewers, but I guess it did, according to Mark Burnett.

As they are announcing a new version (uh, yeah: "Rock Star: Supernova"), we hear that the content on MSN generated new viewers. It should be fun watching the new show. We'll get to see how many times Tommy Lee gets bleeped and we will get the answer to the age-old question "Where's Gilby?". Oh happy day.

Producers: please bring Marty back and me!

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  1. "Brook Burke and her kind of stiff presence"

    I have to take that one literally – in the Botox sense.

    The "before" and "after" images of BB are quite arresting, so to speak.  


    He who should not criticize anyone’s looks,  but does anyway.

    PS I’m afraid looks are the most important thing.  Why did they lie to us?    

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Martin- I didn’t mean in the Botox sense. And let me make clear, I am sure that many men (and women) like her just as I do Dave Navarro (don’t try to analyze, it is what it is…I think he’s dreamy).

    "They" are an evil bunch and I’m pretty sure they came up with all that stuff before we figured out we can inject botulism into our faces and look fantastic. As a frequent, unwitting scowler, I reserve the right to use everything at my disposal when the need arises (it may be coming sooner than we think). Now I am going to have to look for before and after pictures of Brook (or is it Brooke?).

    Anyway, I was actually referring to her stiff delivery of her lines and the almost robot-like conversation between her and my beloved Dave Navarro ; )

    And I’m not one who should be criticizing anyone’s looks either (or their delivery style for those of you that have seen me present).

  3. Deb says:

    I’m so sorry I missed those earlier posts and didn’t comment!  I don’t get American Idol either, but got completely into RockStar: INXS.  (I’m also old enough to remember why we thought they were cool even before ’87.  But don’t tell anyone, K?)  

    In the end, let’s just say that I haven’t purchased the new INXS CD.  But I did download Marty’s.  Yep.  So I’m with you there too.  

    And while I sit here thinking that Mark Burnett will be unable to steal my life and lock it away in the RockStar vault, one just never knows.  That was a fun show.  I’ll probably be just as bad this time around.  (Although, I half expected it to be "RockStar: Van Halen! HA)

    All the best!


  4. TC Loy says:

    Who cares what Simon say.

    I have not watched American Idols. kinda tired of Reality TV.  Plus I would just like to see a polished artist or band. a finished product.

    Ah…not too polished. I do not want to watch a geriartic band like the one they assemble for SuperBowl 2006..Rolling Stones…

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Deb-you and I are totally on the same page. I suspect you’ll be tuning in. : ) We can compare notes.

    TC-Oh, I still like the Rolling Stones. Then again, I wore an Aerosmith t-shirt to work today.

  6. TC Loy says:


    I like the songs…the music of Rolling Stone but definitely not their performance at the SuperBowl this year.

  7. Brian Toland says:

    Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty

    Maybe they’ll bring him back to do a guest spot to promote the LoveHammers album ala American Idol does with the previous seasons winners / also rans.

    I’d like them to bring back the same house band as last year.  The house band was better than many ‘real’ groups.

    Plus if we can find an easy way to get the MSN wav files to play on my IPod I’ll probably go broke buying every show.

    Where for art thou Marty?  Heather doth pineth so… 😉

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yay Brian…I knew you’d get sucked into the vortex of my blog! Hah! I agree….the house band was great. Unfortunately, Marty does not return my love. And he’s about ten years too young for me. You just like to say pineth. Hey, I’m a woman of a certain age and I’m single. What can I say. I loves me some Marty. Don’t think less of me (also, don’t thinketh less).

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