Business Innovations

Or as Business 2.0 puts it, "Best 'best practices'". Keep in mind that they referred to one of the practices as a "Strategic Strategy Review". I hope that they were kidding but I bet they weren't. 

Regardless, the article is full of interesting ideas for running your business better; which I think can be applied to lots of different types of businesses of different sizes. The kind of stuff that gets you thinking a little differently. Worth checking out. I liked the ideas from Colgate, Intel, Whole Foods, Planet Honda and Microsoft (yeah, so what, I liked our idea...but I admit that the first I ever heard of it was in this article).

Would have liked to have seen a little more (or a  lot more) diversity in the faces in the slide show. But still a good read.

Hat tip: Daryll McDade, everyone's favorite high school guy

Comments (3)

  1. TC Loy says:

    Being a math major and really into market research, the use of prediction markets excite me. Is there a way for me to find out more about that?

    I also like what Medtronic did. I am glad that the CEO was awakened to being real by the busted catheter tossed his way.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    TC- I know it sounds funny, but I’d just call the person metioned in the article. I don’t know him but I’d be surprised if he didn’t respond (or have someone on his team respond). I suspect that when you put a best practice out there, you are willing to field inquiries, so give it a shot!

  3. TC Loy says:

    Ok, got his name, Todd Proebsting. going to surf around and see if I can locate his number.

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