Hot granola in a Starbucks cup?

Over on Brand Autopsy, there's a discussion on Starbucks recent test-marketing of hot granola (OK, low fat granola with steamed milk to be exact). It probably doesn't sounds weird to those of you that have ever tried the hot Grape Nuts thing (and how could you not!).

Having worked in a restaurant before (I think my title was "world's worst waitress"), I can tell you that a lot of the things you eat come out of packages with less than high-end/gourmet names (at least perception wise) on the outside. Many have names the end consumer wouldn't even recognize. Sysco might not get your mouth watering, but what's the diff?

So the Kellogg's thing doesn't freak me out in the least. I'd be willing to give their granolaccino a try (hee). Just a litle worried that it would get stuck in the straw (just kidding...see my comments on the original post).

Comments (3)

  1. What is the difference between hot granola and hot oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins?  Besides branding?  And as every tree-hugging Environmental Science major knows, Quaker (Quakr for the younger crowd) makes the best mass-produced granola, but the really good stuff is at the natural food co-op, with M&Ms.

  2. Mike W says:

    That could be a song title… I can picture Leno going "now playing a new track from her latest album called "Hot granola in a Starbucks cup" is Liz Phair. Or  or Willie Nelson. Take your pick. 🙂

    $20 for hot cereal is a bit steep I think though…


  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Richard-I think added oil and honey is the difference, and several bucks.

    Mike W-do you think Willie nelson has ever even said the word ‘granola’? We might have a hard time getting him. We should go with Liz Phair.

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