Unnecessary attribution….a step too far

Or according to Jason Calacanis: Dealing with Dummies, for Dummies***

First, it was Pat Riley and "three-peat", then Texas A&M and "the 12th man" and now this (?). The part I find so incredibly fascinating is that their intent seems to be to protect their brand but then they send these e-mails to a well known blogger and expect them not to blog it? And that is helping their brand how?

<Sigh> I guess I'll now have to give all my business to the "for idiots" people. And yes I do own Pro Football for Idiots...I needed Joe Theisman (does not rhyme with Heisman) to explain to me what a franchise player is. I can't even type that without reliving his leg breaking but I digress.

*** FOR DUMMIES® is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Link love to Stone

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  1. "Dear Mr. Stone,

    According to the Code of Hammurabi, any and all representations of the Rosetta Stone are the exclusive marks of Amun Ra the Sun God (an acceptable moniker, as modern computer displays do not render heiroglyohics correctly).  We understand that this fact may have been overlooked, since many of our laws were lost when the $@^)#@#% Romans burned our library in Alexandria; the specific copyright information for the Rosetta Stone is unfortunately on that little piece no longer attached to the upper left corner.  Modern copyright laws protect works for 70 years past the holder’s death; since Amun Ra is immortal, his works will be covered for some time yet.  In the future, please add attribution to ‘The Great Sun God Amun Ra’ when you display any representation of His province.

    In the eventuality modern systems do display heiroglyphics, Amun Ra expects proper attribution when those are used also.  Simply ask The Artist Formerly and Currently Known As Prince for clarification.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Trademark Dept.

    2 Giza Plateau

    (the big one in the  middle)"

    Instead of "For Dummies***", I think we should label all basic posts "for Wile E’s".

  2. HeatherLeigh says:


  3. Tim says:

    How about For Idjuts? For Imbeciles? For Dimwit Lawyers?

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