I’m going to the gym…it might be the end of the world as we know it

No, it’s not a new year resolution (told you, I don’t do that). The open enrollment for our health club benefit makes the new memberships start in January (there’s no charge for employees). I have a treadmill at home but thought I would be more motivated if I could mix it up a little (plus, wait until you see our club), so I decided to rejoin, especially since they did a renovation a few years back to make it ginormous. To be completely honest, I hate exercise, both before and during it. Afterward I feel great. My goal is to increase my general fitness level and try to handle the problems I have with insomnia (it started in high school and I get it in few month cycles…go figure). I kind of have to trick myself into exercising. This time, it took a big investment in some cute workout clothes (an oxymoron? maybe). And I’ll need to keep thinking of more reasons why I should do it. For example, today I am working from home so it’s an excuse to get out of the house. The 5:30 Step Fitness Class (how old school, I know) has my name all over it. Pretty soon it’s going to have my sweat all over it too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rumor has it, microsoft has a "huge" on-site excersie/fitness/gym facility. Is this true?

  2. The Edge says:

    A standing ovation to anyone who hits the gym – figuratively that is (passing out on the treadmill and being conveyored onto the floor isn’t a pretty sit). If you require any cross-country motivation or insights into doing the little things that make the biggest difference (keep in mind that a new wardrobe is at the end of the rainbow), the Edge is only too happy to assist.

  3. SWilleyman says:

    I too, am trying to increase my general fitness. Although, I don’t mind excercise, I just hate going to gyms. I would rather eat right and do yard work or go on a trail hike. For a long time I would actually rearrange furniture as a way of working out. I guess it is my way of tricking myself into steping away from the code.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    SWilleyman, I was doing the yard work as exercise thing too. Hard to justify this time of year though. Haven’t tried trail hiking…interesting thought

    Turns out I made a rookie move. That class was WAY advanced for me (I’m coordination impaired). I’m going to try Step 101.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, Levy, thanks.

    Anon-yep, check out the link. It’s just down the road from main campus. It’s pretty impressive.

    Ahhh, I’m such a loser…I didn’t even stay. I took one look at all those people doing crazy moves in that class and I high-tailed it out of there. Must go for the less intimidating class.

  6. Coleman says:


    That’s the first gym I’ve ever seen with an onsite restaurant. Impressive, indeed.

  7. Jeff Parker says:

    Well Heather glad to see your excercising, that is a good thing. Relieves stress, and will help you sleep better, I recently started again myself I was starting to develop what I call programmers tummy. Too many late night .net user group meetings with pizza followed by hours in front of the computer.

    However, don’t drop out of it yet. If there is a beginner class then yeah take that. One of the most common mistakes that people make though is not eating right before a workout, especially a difficult one. You have to make a concious effort like 2 hours before a work out eat a tuna or chicken sandwich, not fast food either if you need it quick Subway is better than any other places, and try to avoid coffee or pop for 2 hours before. You get protein and carbs from the sandwich. I do not know if you are one of the Atkins people but you will have a very difficult time in a high energy workout if you are. Your body does not have the carbs for the energy. Also, the key I think also is finding something you enjoy doing. Myself I do something totally out of the "Main Stream" of Excercising. I practice Kendo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kendo

    My sister is an aerobics instructor and teaches 2-3 classes a day 4 days a week, so she is in pretty good shape. She could not figure out how I would come home from a practice and barely be able to walk and be worn out to such an extent. So I took her Aerobic butt to a Kendo class one day and let my sensei put her through the paces. She now knew why I was so worn out, as she was pooped herself. This sport trains cardio, muscle tone, and the mind. Anyway, my point on excercising is, it doesn’t matter what you do to excercise, just do something, enjoy what you do but it is up to you to find it.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jeff-then I’ll definitely stay away from Kendo. I’m actually a whole grains/good fat eater. No white stuff, no fast food. I try to eat small amounts through out the day…protein, nuts, whole grain bread or crackers, fish. So it shouldn’t be a problem to fuel up. But you are definitely right about the beginners class. I really liked step before. I was much younger then, but I am definitely giving it a try again. Just have ot get the moves down!

  9. MSDN Archive says:

    I really dislike the way they updated the ProClub in a weird Grecco-Epyptian looks, with pillars and baths. I particularly dislike the new locker system, which requires memorizing which locker you used and a PIN. And after working out, I’m hard pressed to remember my name nevermind a sequence of numbers.

    So in general I skip the ProClub. Plus working out alone IS intimidating and not a lot of fun.

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    I actually kind of like the Grecco thing. It looks clean without that tacky modern gym look. Put shoe on top of the locker you used so you can find it again and use a pin that you already used for something else and have memorized.

    I’m just thrilled to have this benefit at all and the club offers so much (I keep getting lost). I bet a lot of people would like to have to worry about finding their locker if they had access to this kind of workout facility. Frankly, this is the nicest gym I’ve EVER belonged to (and the cheapest since I don’t have to pay). I personally don’t feel any sense of entitlement when it comes to this kind of benefit. All I can say is "thanks Bill and Steve".

  11. Paul says:

    My preferred exercise is hoisting a glass at the end of the day. That way I can relax at the same time.

  12. HeatherLeigh says:

    Paul, if it’s a heavy emptly glass that might actually be a good workout routine. But I doubt it is ; )

  13. Patblue says:

    Good for you HH. The proclub is an awesome benefit. I found I had my workout done after I parked, walked in, walked up and down the stairs and to the machines. The place is HUGE. So I just chose the downtown location this year to see how that works out.
    Maybe I should get some ‘cute’ work out wear?

  14. David.Wang says:

    Actually, what drives me nuts is the number of people at the Pro Club.

    I have no problems self-motivating to go to the gym regularly (being basically fit and having good muscle tone are motivating enough), and I have no problems working out alone because I get to do exactly what I want (no compromising)…

    But put me in a crowded gym facility, and all I want to do is get out.

    Thus, I don’t even bother going to the Pro Club between 5-9pm (the crowd has gotten progressively worse every year). Which is rather unfortunate because this really skews my work/life schedule…


  15. HeatherLeigh says:

    David-I’m trying to avoid those hours myself.

  16. Sherry says:

    Heather…you need to just get yourself a bicycle.
    I still go to the gym from time to time, but I have found riding a bike outside is a wonderful way to get some fresh air, exercise, and just as importantly (maybe even more) a great way to relieve the stress.

    I hop on my little bike, and when I am riding through the park, down the road, or even just commuting back and forth to the store, I don’t worry about candidates or hiring managers.

    And, you can pimp your bike if you so desire. Can’t really do that with a treadmill.

  17. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hahhah, good point Sherry. I used to love riding a bike when I was a kid (second only to roller skating), but I have to confess that now, I actually really hate bike riding. I know! I’m not sure what happened. I don’t like spin classes or anything like that. Though the thought of being the only "middle aged" gal on my street with a tricked out BMX bike does sound a little fun.

    Last bike I owned was the beach cruiser that was stolen from my apartment complex my freshman year in college.

  18. Russ says:

    I support anyone who is interested in becoming more fit.

    The benefits extend well beyond getting buff or whatever your personal goal is.

    I joined Golds (closest to house and new) in December after school to move from bare maintenance workouts to something a bit more intense. It changes how you think,act and feel. Our bodies are made to be utilized, so it is a very organic to exercise however you choose to do it.

    So good for you for putting it out there that you are wading into the water, the first phase is almost toxic but the soreness will become more bearable, you will see some improvement if you stick to it and a year from now you will feel like an even more evolved superhuman.

    I had a similiar experience jumping right into some of the classes, very humbling, pass the oxygen mask type thing. Then again so were the first days of football practice so whatever, bring it.

  19. Gym classes would do a lot better then legislation to solve this problem and introduce active games to the children that they can continue outside of the school. An active kid can eat all kinds of junk food and not gain an ounce. WBR LeoP