Welcome SeekWeek Webinar Participants!

I'm on a webinar panel for TheLadders SeekWeek (right this very minute). Welcome to any webinar participants checking out my blog ; )

I'm happy to take any lingering questions from the presentation here. For those new to blogging, click on the word "comments" at the end of this blog post and type in your info and your question in the text box (it's OK to post your questions anonymously).

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  1. Heather,

    I appreciated your presentation very much. I have a website and online portfolio but have not started blogging simply because I feel there are so many personal blogs in the world – over 25 million in the US – it doesn’t seem like a good way to stand out or be found. In short – it’s a crowded field! Can you advise a way to blog in a noticeable way?

    Many thanks,

    Cynthia Edwards


  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    HI Cynthia, good question. Well, keywords are um, key ; ) I can’t emphasize that enough. Specifically keywords in your header have a bigger impact on search engine rankings than in the body of the blog.

    Many time, I’ll find a blog because it is somehow connected to another blog I read. For example, if I read a marketing blog and there’s a post on product branding, I’ll look at comments and many of the commenters will be bloggers who leave their url.

    Just being an active participant citizen of the blogosphere drives so much traffic. It takes a little whiole to get indexed by the major search engines but the more intersting content you put out there the more people will find you. Does that help?

  3. Thanks, Heather; it does. The bottom line is blogging is like any other kind of marketing – it has to be strategic, well planned, and you just have to hammer away at it until you reach the tipping point. Thanks for the lesson.

  4. Steve says:


    Thanks for the presentation to THE LADDERS for SEEK WEEK.

    Im new to the area of BLOGGING and finding it very interesting, having worked in the industry for the last 25+ years and carried out research on knowledge management its interesting to see this new twist thats occuring from the tools and techniques that technology is providing us with.

    The CES keynote was excellent and were all going to have a technology rich 2006 – great lauch into the 21st century.

    Thanks again for the presentation

  5. Neal Griffin says:

    A great overview of getting started is <a href="http://havefundogood.blogspot.com/2005/12/how-to-start-your-basic-blog.html">here</a&gt;. Definately one of my favorites – Neal

  6. Steve says:

    Neal’s getting started link is a little malformed, hopefully the following works.


    Now I have to go and read it !

  7. OK, I gave in and started a blog. Thanks for all the encouragement. It’s fun!


    See you in the blogosphere.

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