No more celebrating…I need rest!

OK, first of all, Happy Birthday to me! Yay, I’m finally 29! Oh and for that guy that doesn’t get sarcasm but totally does get rude comments “<wink><wink><sarcasm>”…happy now? This holiday was definitely busier than most and I have my awesome neighbor-friends to thank for that. I decided not to travel this holiday. I’d traveled…


Five things you don’t know about me

Charlene Li tagged me and frankly, I’m flattered to be in such impressive company. The idea behind this game of “tag” is that you share 5 things about yourself; things that are not widely known. Then you tag 5 more people. I have the memory of…um, some animal with a short memory…I used to know what it…


I have the power!

Good news for me. I have electricity! Phew! Yesterday, I was laying in my office at about 2:30 trying to think of something to do. I didn’t want to go shopping or anything (that’s saying a lot…just didn’t want more stuff to lug around). So I thought I would go for a drive, check on my house,…


Expecting power…

Wednesday or Thursday, optimistically. This weekend at the latest, I hope. Today’s goal is to do laundry. I spent plenty of time doing laundry in laundromats when I was younger….ah, memories. Here’s an article explaining how the power companies are prioritizing the delivery of power to different areas. I can’t really complain about their method…


Brief glimmer of normalcy

As I unloaded the food from my refrigerator into the garbage can (it had begun to smell), I made a list of what I was throwing it out so I could re-stock. It’s interesting how something basic, maybe even instinctual, comes into play in unusual circumstances. It is absolutely driving me nuts that my house…


Holiday Tag

This should be fun given my current state of mind (I’m getting ready to curl up on my office floor and happy to be doing it). John Cass tagged me and here are my answers: tagged me with a little Christmas meme, Here are my answers: 1. Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog? Egg nog latte!…


Update: I’m alright

Holy cow. It has been quite a weekend. I’m sure you can tell what’s happening around here from the news. Needless to say, I had a hard time sleeping Thursday night. It’s really unnerving to see massive trees sway in the wind like they are made out of rubber. I appreciate the well-wishes of those…


On a dark and stormy night

It looks like we are in for some weather. The meteorologists predict high winds and lots of rain (duh). I’ve already seen/heard thunder and lightening (which I always associate with a warm front..could we be so lucky, um, I mean fortunate?). I’m not sure what it is about a thunderstorm that I find so exciting….


Heartstrings: available for the tugging

No, this isn’t a personal ad. You know me better than that! I already talked about holiday advertisements and how they send me into a total state of selective sensory rejection. Yeah, I just made that up. My point is that I find it necessary sometimes to block out those things that drive me nutso….